Binge Eating Disorder

by ivanamarcovecchio on October 31, 2013 - 10:54pm

New research from the World Health Organization suggests binge eating patients suffer from life long impairments that are just as harmful as those in bulimia patients. As of may 2013, binge eating is a new diagnosis in the DSM-IV. Binge eating and bulimia have some of the same symptoms, but it had been assumed that bulimia had a bigger impact of illness on patients and the only difference between the 2 disorders is that binge eaters do not make up for their binge, they do not engage in purging, using laxatives or excercising. in this new research, it was found that binge eating is twice as common as bulimia, yet it has been ignored by health care providers. Binge eating has an extreme cost to the physical and psychological well being of people who suffer from this disorder. The study also found that binge eating disorder can also lead to other mental and physical disorders.


I strongly agree with binge eating being a diagnosis as an eating disorder in the DSM-IV. Even though many people engage in binge eating once in a while, some people can't control their binge eating and it effects them emotionally. I agree that this disorder should be getting as much attention as the other eating disorders because people are suffering from it and they need help. They are suffering as much as any other disorder patients are and they deserve the help that people that suffer from any other eating disorder are getting. Also, as the article states, they also may suffer from long term consequences, therefore, the disorder should be recognized so that these consequences can be prevented. The controversial point of this article is the fact that binge eating disorder became a diagnosis just recently when it is the most common eating disorder. 


I strongly agree with your point about binge eating disorder not being in the DSM because it's the most common eating disorder. The fact that researchers took binge eating lightly and thought it wouldn't lead to any other mental disorders was wrong, and dangerous for binge eaters. I don't think the disorder is receiving as much attention as other eating disorders, I'll take myself as an example, I didn't know or hear of binge eating disorder before it was presented it class. But I was well aware of other eating disorders like Bulimia, Anorexia. I think they should give binge eating as much attention as other disorders because it is the most common one.

Exactly, people have ignored binge eating disorder when many people have been suffering from this disorder. I'm sure there have been many cases where a person may have fallen extremely ill because of their disorder and were not able to recognize or get any help because it hasn't been stated as a disorder or mental illness. As you even mentioned, that you haven't heard about this disorder at all, is sad because people suffer from extreme consequences due to this disorder and were never able to help themselves. At least it has become a diagnosis now and people will be able to overcome the disorder with help from treatment! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and giving your opinion on it!