10 Years and a Diagnosis Later, 9/11 Demons Haunt Thousands

by CamSlam on November 1, 2013 - 8:26am



10 Years and a Diagnosis Later, 9/11 Demons Haunt Thousands

This article is all about how the 911 attacks affected the lives of 10000 people who now suffer from PTSD. The article states that alot of first-aid rescue agents where diagnosed with PTSD because it was the biggest "tear of everyday life". It is stated that PTSD was only founded 30 years ago but the article states how ancient greeks suffered PTSD and the whole book of the Iliad is based on high levels of PTSD and built up stress which led to depression and in this case hallucinations. The article also states how Nazi concentration survivors where suffering from PTSD in large numbers, most global events have major impacts of PTSD on a large number of human units.


link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/10/nyregion/post-traumatic-stress-disorde...


Article is controversial because it discusses how ptsd victims of 9/11 will be treated but not compensated. It states that if there is correlation between cancer patients and the 9/11 attacks they will take all compensation. That is extremely unfair and super bias every disease should be treated equally, an illness is an illness and someone is suffering no matter what they are diagnosed with. Every person who was affected medically by 9/11 should be compensated by the united states government because it is their right to do so. Not only is it controversial to say that one illness is more important than another, they are willing to give people with cancer compensations over everyone else, extremely unfair everyone should be treated equally no matter the severity of the illness because they are suffering equally.

I couldn't agree more. The United States has the largest economy in the world when being measured by GDP, the amount of money that circulates through the US is endless. That being said, when speaking of such large quantities of money, why stress over the small amounts that matter? Truth of the matter is, New York City is the Grand Central Station of the United States, "The Big Apple", most major business transactions in the United States are in New York City or at least touch base there. It is most important to protect your own and keep your own safe and healthy. In this particular situation, those who suffer from PTSD due to 9/11 are mostly citizens of NYC, New York's own people. These people should be compensated to the full extent, and the United States can afford to do so without batting so much as an eyelash. Back to the point you made above where one is not to discriminate based on what illness or disorder he/she suffers from. Once again, I could not agree more. Whether it be Kleptomania, DID, Depression, PTSD, or any other mental health disorder that is directly the cause of or linked to 9/11, it is the City or Country's job to take care of the health of their very own, regardless of whether or not they caused the harm done.

Thank you Spencer, I appreciate that we have the same views on this topic.