by christiano_s17 on October 30, 2013 - 12:09pm

After the apple being released with the new fingerprint technologies. People are loving the fact that they don’t have to press 4 numbers and just leave your finger for 2 seconds on the button. But what’s the real reason around this? Is this considered a pro or con towards people who don’t want to get there fingerprints done unless there been to prison. How do we know that the government is slowly planning something to try and know where everyone is? Maybe it’s to help track down criminals due to having their fingerprints. A lot of conspiracies are corrupting the system with everyone having second thoughts on this “wonderful” idea. A conspiracy is going around about the government trying to get our fingerprints in a file. Maybe something is slowly building that we don’t know about and they need ID? There’s a lot to debate about when it comes to this due to Apple being such a big multibillion dollar companies. For more information about the fingerprint scanner please visit this video.


In a way I can state that I agree with your prediction, the fact that Apple is very powerful in our generation makes them powerful enough to make society believe what they are doing is always the best for society, I mean isn't that what their products always there for.. to make our society easier to live in?! Also, because of this fact, that would make sense to think the government might be working with them to indirectly get information from us. However in a way I do not agree, if the government wanted and needed something they wouldn't have to do something indirectly and behind out backs that way. If they needed information to create a better system of protect and law and order then they would just do it directly with us, making us aware of what is happening. We wouldn't really have a choice to provide the information to them. Here is more information on why they would need an individuals fingerprint.

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