The More the Stress, the More the Problems Develop.

by PedgeRuest on October 2, 2013 - 11:36am

Stress has been proven to not only be negative for the state of mind for the individual at that instant, but also in long term effects. Studies show that stress during middle age may trigger psychological brain changes, being the development of 2 certain diseases; Alzheimer and dementia.

Researchers explain that the studies demonstrate that stress causes structural and functional damage of the brain. The amount of stress that a person must overcome causes long term consequences, whether it be the regular day-to-day stress or stress after a negative event, death, divorce addiction all plays towards to the destruction of your brain function, they both create the same damage. Dementia, a disease that is diagnosed to 19% of the researched population, is gradually losing the ability of the process of thought, memory, language, problem solving and more.  Alzheimer is the other disease diagnosed to 13% of the researched population that consists of the loss of neurons in the brain, memory and reasoning. . These are normally found around the age of 79 therefore it takes many years to develop.  However, there is no relation and more percent risk on past family mental health problems. It is recommended to have stress management, interventions and therapy to see if it can be useful for the prevention of these developments. Researchers state that further research will be done to confirm these results.

I believe this article can be reliable due to the reliable source, however this information cannot be taken completely seriously because if researchers need to have further studies to prove that these results are correct, then it means that they still aren’t 100% sure of their statement on the topic. In addition if this were to be 100% correct, I believe that society is not helping this situation because the more our society develops, the more the people living in this type of society must deal with stress and anxiety. Interventions and stress management can help for sure, however sometimes when you want to help and prevent the continuation of a problem you must go right to the primary source of it, and in this case it is society’s way of how rapidly we want to develop and how we must deal with it.


I agree with the fact that stress can change our brain development and leads to different type of disease. Stress is a response to event that make you feel upset. It is the defense of our body when a danger occurs. Stress can be useful in some situations for example it keeps you on your toes for a presentation or makes you study for a big exam. A lot of symptoms are associated to stress, those symptoms are divided in 4 categories: cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral. Relaxation techniques are promoted to reduce our level of stress but there is also other things that can be done. The following article contains a lot of good tips to manage our stress, as an example keeping a positive attitude or eating healthy are good strategies to keep a lower level of stress. The more important is to find a technique in which you feel good and is effective to live calmly.

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