Professional sport; comeback after an injury

by Laurence Morin-Emond on October 23, 2013 - 1:58pm

Kevin Alston currently plays for New-England Revolution, in Major League soccer (MLS).After a bad news in April, a diagnostic of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), Alston become stronger, even if his energy is not at 100%.

Most of the population think that professional but also non-professional athletes are in perfect health and do not hide any problems of health. But that’s isn’t true. A lot of athletes have been diagnose of serious diseases, and no, that’s not because they aren’t doing sports. When we heard cancer and sport, we can think of Saku Koivu, Mike Lowell, John Cullen, Mark Herzlich...The athletes will usually come back to prove they have the strength to continue and to continue to fight the disease. Support by their fans, family, friends and teammates, the comeback will be great for him and he will get a boost of energy.

Kevin Alston, but also most of the professional players around the world, will build or support a foundation, trying to raise funds for the diseases researches.  Some professional teams visit each year hospital, making a smile on the sick people, try to listen to team and to understand the pain.

Personally, I think sport helps the athlete to fight the disease physically, but also morally, because of the support of the teammates.


Professional athletes are beasts. Not only they make comebacks after an injury but also after some personal life events. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings' running back, played after his 2 year old son died after alleged assault by another man. It must be hard for him to play a game with this thing happening a day or two before. He said that he is able to manage his stress thru sports and that his son is in a better place now. For my part, I do not think that I would be able to go play football after a lost like that, after an injury yes, I did, but the lost of a person close to me I do not think so. Professional athletes are the best in what they do in any kind of situation and I admire that. I totally agree with you on the point that the sport itself and teammates help athletes with the support they bring to them in those moments of life that people need help, just like the comeback of an injury or some personal issues.

I believe that what you say is 100% true. It's nice to see that after going through all the pain these athletes (professional or not) go through their able to come back to the game. These types of players are strong and they bring a lot to a team. I don't know a lot about the athletes you talked about except for one in particular, Saku Koivu. Growing up as a kid and still today I admire him and think he's a hero for going through what he was living and coming back to the game. Still today he is a good player and brings a lot to the Anaheim Ducks. I didn't know about the fundraisers these players are organizing and I find it really cool because it helps support others in need. I agree with what you mentioned at the end as well, it's true that sports can help cure a disease. The physical aspect of sports help you a lot but also on an individual's morality, A perfect example is the Montreal Canadians team who visit sick children putting smiles on their face and helping them bring their morals up. Here is a video of the Habs players getting interviewed by one of the kids and an article that talks about the players visit and what why they do it.

I just found a list of the top 25 athletes by ESPN. Interestingly enough, guys like Saku Koivu aren't listed. We can see Michael Jordan, Roger Federer and others, all great athletes but what about the athletes who fought diseases and showed the world that there is more to sports then being good idea. The top 25 impacted their sports in different ways by being excellent. But I'm sorry someone, who gets testicular cancer during the season, comes back and contributes to the team by bringing them to the playoffs, that is worthy of the number one spot in my book. Saku changed not just the NHL, but all sports and maybe everything in life. It goes off to show you anyone can overcome anything. We must fight back, be happy and lead the way for other people to be strong. That, for me, has much more meaning then award and prizes. You could win 7 Stanley Cups, 3 World Series and 2 NBA championships, but that legacy will never surpass good guys like Saku Koivu.

Athletes have to be in shape. That’s all they have to do but sometimes there are some things we can’t control like cancer… They just have to deal with it. I will talk about something related to health and athletes. I find it very ironic that athletes are also in advertisements for junk food. They are supposed to represent healthy things but instead of that they are representing big macs! Kids are just influences by ads and their idols are just telling them that junk food will make them like athletes. I think they should do ads for either healthy products or awareness campaign because they have A LOT of influence in the youth. On the other side, these persons are like everybody else and wants to make the more profits possible because we are in a capitalist world. I would probably do the same if I was a professional athlete and corporations were offering a lot of money. The link below is about athletes that are in ads for unhealthy products.

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