Study: Exercise can be more effective than pills in some cases

by camille.hebert on October 2, 2013 - 11:25am

The new discovery in the medical community could be as simple as doing physical activity. It seems like with the number of prescriptions per patient on the increase, researchers are going back to basic with an all-natural way of treating diseases.

According to a new study from Harvard and Stanford, exercise could be at least as good as pills in treating stroke patient and heart diseases. Physical activity can’t treat every disease as good as medicine, but it proved to be more efficient than medicine in the case of stroke patients. Rather than prescribing more drugs to their patients, doctors should prescribe a mix of medication and sets of exercise to maximize the efficiency of treatments.

I am happy to see great discoveries like this one. It is only a start, and I’m sure other researchers will explore the subject and find better ways of integrating physical activity to the treatments. Exercising can be a more fun way to pull through sickness than staying in a bed and taking medication. The release of endorphins in the brain can be good for the moral and can help the patients to gain motivation and fight against the sickness.


Visit this website for more general information about the benefits of physical activity at any age:


Agreed 100% with you, my grand father had a stroke and the doctor just prescribed him drugs after the hospital treatments. i suggested to go for walks with the dog and to do small work outs such as stretching. when he returned to the doctor he was some what surprised from the outcome. the doctor then suggested to continue the small work outs and stretching to get in better shape. back before drugs were invented, people did not just die due to a small stroke. they had other ways of curing without drugs. its just to show that we dont always need drugs to actually do something in life like walking and so.

I am very happy to hear that for some cases, exercise can be more helpful than actually taking medication. It has been said that doing physical activity can help you improve your thinking skills, and also it just makes you feel better mentally. If you are stressed, going to the gym for a couple of hours instead of doing work is a great idea because even though you are doing physical activity, your mind is still working while doing so. Another up side to doing exercise is that it reduces the risks of you getting cancer, such as colon cancer, or breast cancer (in women). Waking up and taking a pill every morning only gets rid of the pain, whereas physical activity may do that, and also gets your brain working.

I agree with you too. Physical activity can help the recovery of stroke patient but it can also be effective for people who are suffering from mental disease such as depression. Physical activity causes brain pleasures who lead to the feeling of wellbeing. While you’re training, your brain produces serotonin which is a neurotransmitter who affects the sleep, the appetite, the libido and the moon. It also increases your body temperature which modify the brain chemicals and can ease depression. In the link below, there is a lot of information about how to get started with physical activity as a depressed person but it can also be used to help someone getting out of this mental disease. Depressed people are 50% less training than non-depressed people so they are also improving their risk of suffering of a heart disease. I think physical activity is not something hard to add to our lifestyles and it has a lot of benefits even if you’re not affected by any disease. It will be easier to start a training cure if you’re sick compared to someone who has never train. Physical activity should be a part of our routine.

I am totally agreed! Today, people take pills for anything. As little as it can be, doctors always jump on the prescription even without really looking deeper in the problem. On the other side, I am not saying that diabetics should stop taking their medication. I am just saying that many problems could be solved by doing a little bit of exercise in a week (like two hour and a half).

A study in England shows that doctors are prescribing at a higher rate every year. In 2000, the average was 11.2 prescriptions written. In 2010, the average has risen at 17.7 per person. This is huge if you think about it! I know this is not in Canada, but England has a similar lifestyle as us. It also says in an article that two-thirds of the population are not active like they should be. This could lead to an increase in diseases, and then you are more likely to take pills to eradicate your “health problems”, which could be solved by doing fast walking!

I hope that this study will affect people’s mind and that they would be more receptive to do something about it. I believe we could all change this situation by doing simple actions as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or take a walk with your dog every day. I wish people wake up before they take a dozen of pills each day!

This is a great post because it both informs the reader of the benefits of exercise and inspires them to run outside the minute they are done reading. These days, prescription drugs seem to be the answer to every health problem. Unfortunately, doctors are omitting a crucial “drug” on our pharmacy list: exercise.
I was particularly captivated by your subject because I have seen the impact exercise has had on my health. When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My condition was pretty bad, I had no energy and eventually had to stop playing sports. My doctor put me on steroids, which temporarily helped my condition. I was starting high school one week after my diagnosis in a dance program. This program allowed me to dance and move and express myself. Exercise has truly helped me pass through my first year with the disease and school. I am not certain about the impact physical education has had on my physical health but I truly think that it had and still has an immense impact on my psychological one. It has truly helped me look at my disease with a positive attitude. Also, dancing has allowed me to liberate my stress, which is known to be a cause of Crohn’s disease.
If you want to know more about Crohn’s disease here is a link to a short and very informative video on the disease: