blackberry continues

by christiano_s17 on October 2, 2013 - 11:34am

Blackberry continues


The crash of blackberry continues with more devastating news. It is recently reported that they are selling their real estate in their home town waterloo Ont. Suffering from financial problems due to the other record selling companies such as iPhone and android.  Blackberry also said that they were going to fire 4.5 thousand people due to its crash. As blackberry continues to slowly crash more and more people are buying the latest iPhone and android smart phones. Leading to the fact that they are losing more money every day.


In the second quarter on its continuing operations they lost 965 million dollars, and had revenues of 1.6 billion dollars. The company said that the revenue dropped 27 percent and in the third quarter they expect it to drop again for 12 percent. Unless they make a complete new look for blackberry or a decent software for a good phone, the end result of blackberry will be done. The company is slowly falling into bankruptcy and without a change the company will have no more value with its name. for more information about this out braking bankruptcy please visit for more details.


I think that Blackberry collapsed so quickly because the competition on smart phones is too fierce. Apple’s Phones and Samsung’s Galaxy are far more interesting and common for the consumers. Apparently, the situation is not that dangerous that I though. They still have 2.6billion profit in cash and no debt quoted by their CEO so they still have a chance to make a comeback to compete against the other companies in my link. They are still trying really hard to adapt to the market by making adjustments.

That is a negative Sargent. Blackberrys are going down, they are probably one of the worst phones you could buy today. They have one of the slowest processing systems in phones right now (other than cheap flip phones and what not). They are loosing customers daily. The Blackberry network WILL FAIL, its just a matter of time before the office closes down.

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