The Right to Have a Child

by fleming.Shamuel on September 25, 2013 - 11:49am


The Right to have a Child


In america, there is no restriction whatsoever concerning having child. If a family is willing to have more than 3 children, it is totally fine according to the law and the societal point of view ! It is totally acceptable to raise as many child as you want, and we should be grateful because it certain countries, it is not as easy. In China, since the population as risen way to fast in the past centuries, the government created a law, three and a half decades ago, restricting families to one child ! 


Of course, this law is not anonymous ! People aren’t very happy with the fact that their liberty concerning procreation is violated. In the first place, if we go back centuries ago, our main goal was to procreate, enlarging our population ! Although, it seems that in certain countries, the population is to huge ! I honestly get the fact that China is a overpopulated country but restricting the amount of child you may have, to me, is like sending you to prison. However, there is a sign of a change ! It seems like the government is mulling changes to this highly unpopular restriction. 


Basically, they are working on easing the “one-child” policy to 2 children or even abolishing it ! Politically speaking, the government is changing a lot lately in China so It might just be a way to gain more popularity towards China’s population; we will never know. 


I think that having this rule is rather stupid because the human race has been procreating since the beginning of evolution. I know for a fact that the planet earth is over-populated but is it ethically correct to oppose a family to have kids ? I don’t think so. I think that ,even though we are way to much on earth, we should start colonizing more land and use what we have with better efficiency. What I mean is that having 3 cars and a yard the size of a school in America is completely stupid when you know that in Beijing, they barely have places for everyone to sleep safely at night ! 


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As I was scrolling down the home page of News Activist, this article really caught my attention, as overpopulation is a highly discussed subject in ethics and social sciences, but often neglected in politics. In a free country like Canada, we have never been limited on the number of children we can have, causing the one-child policy in China to be seen as outrageous, unethical, and even as bad as going to prison. In my point of view, family planning could definitely bring advantages. First, I believe that there is no absolute need of having a lot of children. While it might bring happiness, having a child is time consuming and extremely expensive. Moreover, I don’t get how climate change and pollution can be greatly considered while the issue of overpopulation is neglected. As John Guillebaud, a professor working on the British Antartic Survey, says, "[overpopulation] is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about." It is an important problem that we absolutely need to solve, as it causes extreme pollution and poverty. If we don’t do anything about it, nature will do the job by bringing violence, diseases, and famines. Furthermore, colonizing the uninhabited regions of the planet will not bring any advantages, since at the end, all that there would be left is poverty. This is why I strongly argue that family control, like the one-child policy in China, is advantageous. This is more strongly debated by environmentalists in the following article:


I think this is a very interesting article because in Canada we don't have to worry about the size of the families. In fact we don't have to worry about anything, and maybe if we were facing a situation like the overpopulation in China we would start think about life differently. Imagine we were overpopulated, imagine we were twice big as the China right now because that is where we are going with all the immigrants coming to Canada everyday and all the families expanding as an incredible rate. Imagine if the quantity of food per person was limited and the cost of the food much more expensive. What would yur reaction be? Would you chose to have only one child? or being selfish and choose to have a big family? And what if the others choice to be selfish and have a big family, would you like the government to forced them to have only one child to insure your own survival? Personally, I think that overpopulation maybe affects only few countries for now, but it is slowly progressing in the rest of the world and that is a big issue. We have difficulties to insure the survival of the actual population in a couple of years when even the developed countries will be overpopulated it will just be crazy. People wil be fighting for everything, for food, for place, for job... so yes maybe the american consumption is ridicolously exaggereted, but I don't think it has an effect on the China population and one day or another we will be facing the same situation so we should start thinking now about reducing the population in the World. Finally the one child policy doesn't have only bad effects:

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