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by Justing149 on September 18, 2013 - 9:56pm


            I have lived in Quebec for my entire life, and until Pauline Marois’ party took reign of the government, I have never felt so insulted by any previous Premiers. IOn today’s society, religion is something that is slowly fading away as less and less believe in it. Why take away the rights for those who still believe in their respective religions? As the Parti Quebecois proposes to ban very visible religious symbols in the workplace, we remain with the question: should people have the right to wear religious symbols in the workplace?

            To begin, since Quebec calls itself a multicultural province, it would be ironic for its leaders to strip their citizens’ rights to display their own religion and the associated practices. Since Quebec welcomes so many foreign immigrants to live here, it would contradict the governments’ laws associated with immigration and religion. One is allowed to freely display their religious beliefs unless it is harmful to the public or goes against the law. For example, if a Jewish man wears a Kippah, he is in no way causing harm to any of his coworkers or clients as his religious symbol does not restrict others from identifying him.

            On the contrary, I believe that religious symbols, which cover the entire face and make it impossible for others to view the face of the person they are interacting with, should be banned. For example, if a person wears a burka covering their whole face, and they board a bus which requires them to show a bus pass with a photo, it becomes almost impossible for the bus driver to know if this is really their face. Furthermore, if they are trying to pass the borders, it is impossible for them to be identified.

The Quebec government is causing a lot of protests involving large gatherings, shouldn’t this be a sign for them to think twice when it comes to people’s rights to self-expression and religion considering no one is truly getting harmed?



Quebec is a multicultural province that welcomes thousands of people with different religions each year. In a province like this, religion becomes a very controversial subject. That’s why this article interested me.
I totally agree with what you said. I think that the “Charte des valeurs Québécoises” is highly discriminatory. Many people identified themselves through their religion, and therefore through the religious symbols they wear. It is a part of their identity and to prohibit the expression of it through symbols is like stealing their identity. Also people who do not agree with this chart will not feel fully Quebecker. If the goal of this chart is to exclude even more the minorities from the rest of the society, it is a great success. In extra to the exclusion of minorities, this chart brings inequality in terms of opportunities of job. In fact, people who want firmly to express their religion will not be aloud to work for the State.
Furthermore, the government wants neutrality, but they do not want to remove the crucifix at the assembly. It is very contradictive and it makes this chart not credible.
Finally, I think, when the Quebec choose to be secular, the real goal was to not express a dominant religion (catholic). It was supposed to encourage the liberty of religions. We chose to not obligate a specific religion to people, but now this chart obligates people to be secular. Should we breaks the liberty of religion and obligate people to not have a religion?

I agree with most points made in the article, although I think some contradictory points are made. I'm interested in this topic because first of all I'm a citizen of Quebec so it's my home, and secondly I strongly believe that what the Quebec government is trying to do with this is despicable. I think that everyone should have the right to express their own religion as long as they don't hurt anyone.

I think it's a sign that they should think twice before doing actions like this. But I don't think that this particular government cares whether or not people have the right to express themselves. They seem to want to eventually convert everyone into one type of person, which is a strictly French person who thinks Quebec is the best place ever. But I think that people should have the right to self-expression assuming it harms no one, so I think the Quebec government should pay attention to these protests although I'm sure they don't.

I believe that every single person should have the right to wear their religious symbols in the work place, as it doesn't hurt anyone. I've said it elsewhere in other posts and comments and I have a strong belief; if someone does something that doesn't hurt anyone then that person should be allowed to do it. Religious symbols worn by people don’t hurt anyone, except the ignorant people who can't accept other religions. And that's what I think the Parti Quebecois currently is, they're ignorant people who can’t accept anyone who aren't French or Catholic.

I think that you contradict yourself in your blog post. You say that you think religious symbols should be allowed, but then say that symbols that block the faces shouldn't be allowed. I think it's an all or nothing thing; either you allow all religious symbols to be worn or you allow none. I don't think it's something that should be some but not others. That's another problem I have with what the Quebec government is trying to pass, assuming that I understand what they're trying to pass properly, they want to choose some symbols to ban and not others, and I don't think that's right. It's racist.

Here's an article that shows that the Liberals don't approve of what the Parti Quebecois are trying to pass:

Once I saw the title, I knew that the post wouldn’t have been very interesting. Don’t we all remember Pauline and her wonderful ideas…

People encouraged to wear religious attire wasn’t something Pauline Marois was very opened to. The example you give in the article about Muslim women denied the right to wear religious veils surely shouldn’t be overlooked. Another issue that goes along with this is that the women are still getting paid much less than men are for the same job expectations. By applying a gender lens when looking at your post you realize that there is a second problem. A problem that doesn’t make sense. It is based on male dominance in everyday life. ”The Man Box” refers to the macho man “bringing home the bacon”.
Women fighting for equal pay isn’t a new thing. Everything about our upbringing as North Americans points to women staying at home and men working to support the family. When women became part of the everyday wok force, they were assigned the same jobs that men were doing. How is it possible for there to be a difference is wage based on sex? That’s what we are still trying to figure out.

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