Abortion : For or Against ?

by damienessendhet on September 10, 2013 - 10:04pm

Abortion : For or Against ?


"Abortion, theocracy and secularity: conflict between irrational religionism and rational democratism" is a about the separation between the government and the religion, MV Naidu suggests that mixing religion and politics may be a dangerous mixture for a society. The author uses theocracy as an example to maintain that when the head of the state is associated with religion, often it leads to the lost of democracy and rights. He provides the debate on abortion, discusses the beliefs, values and arguments used by the Pro-life and the Pro-choice.

Abortion usually splits the population into two camps. The Pro-life are the people who are in disfavor, they are mainly people with conservatism political ideas and strong religious beliefs. Their main arguments are : The embryo is a human being, living is a right, killing a human being goes against God's message and abortion is certainly a murder. The values that support their arguments are faith, freedom of life, collective responsibility, tradition and non-interference. The Pro-life people favour sanctity of life and do not arm as ethical principles. Besides, the Pro-choice are in favour of abortion, they are habitually feminism groups, they fight for the respect of autonomy and the accordance of own self-interest. Basically, they advocate values such as autonomy, freedom of choices, individual freedom and parental responsibility. The Pro-choice think the decision is the matter of the pregnant mothers, because this is their bodies and their choices to decide what is wrong or not. Several situations are used to consolidate their arguments, some examples are if the mother was victim of a rape or if the child will born with a major illness that will affect his or her entire life. The purpose of the debate among these two groups is the recognition of the foetus as a human being with a soul, but there is no scientific evidence on the fact that an embryo has a soul as human beings.

Even if I am religious person, I am for the abortion. In my opinion, the stronger side is definitely the Pro-choice because I believe we must have the freedom of choices, especially for abortion. I think in this dilemma the parents only know what shall be better for them, because their decisions can be based on economical or medical decisions. They need to have the final word, they are the major actors involved. It will be wrong if our society forces women to continue the pregnancy in some particular cases as when there is a sexual assault or if the pregancy puts the pregnant woman in danger. The values that influence my opinion are individual freedom, parental responsibility and autonomy. To sum up, I believe abortion is an individual right, that should remain to the parents not our society.

Should abortion be criminalized in Canada ?


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I strongly agree with you that the abortion should be a matter of personal choice instead of being totally banished with laws. However, restrictions should exist to frame the reasons of the act itself. I am part of the “51% Canadians [who] believed abortion should only be legal in certain circumstances”(abortionincanada.ca). Besides, you implied that the decision should be taken according to the parent’s interests, but I mostly think that the baby’s interests should be taken into consideration. Let’s say that a young couple would like to resort to abortion claiming a lack of financial resources. I think it would be morally acceptable in that case to say that the baby will not have appropriate resources to grow up normally to its full potential. On the other hand, it is strongly less acceptable if only the parent’s interests are taken into account by claiming that their lives would be affected in a negative way. Should there be some kind of judging committee to decide whether the circumstances of the abortion are acceptable or not?

Here’s a link showing what Canadians think about abortion: http://abortionincanada.ca/facts/thirty-years-of-surveys-show-canadians-...

Abortion is the classical ethical debate between individual right and right of living. Abortion is illegal in most of the country but is not hard to find out that the abortion rate is actually increasing by reading news or even some events just around us. I used to against abortion because I thought even is only a baby that haven't come out yet still have the right of live and enjoy the world. However, now I realized the issue is not that simple. Most of the people who are deciding whether they should do abortion or not are teenagers. It always happens because of some kind of 'accidents.' If abortion becomes a criminal action, what these people should do? Let the baby come out probably will ruin their life since most of them even cannot take care of themselves yet. What happen if a 16 years old girl get pregnant and have the baby at 17, then quit school and go look for a job that has the minimum wages. In order to raise the baby, she may even do other illegal things for money. Another worst situation, if someone got rape and got pregnant, in the rest of her life she has to face to her child whose father is a raper and destroyed her life?
Abortion should depend on personal situation, it is not fair to give an overall judgement or laws about it. It should be a personal issue , at least a family issue that the government should not participate in.
Abortion: A chance to get back your life?

c) I agree with your opinion concerning the freedom of women to choose whether they keep their baby or not. However, we have to consider the fact that most of these women are teenagers that neglect using protection to prevent these situations. I think the most important step as a society would be to warn the young population about the dangers of not using protection during sexual intercourse. Although it is discussed in schools today, more emphasis should be put on the subject, due to the increasing rate of teenage pregnancy. It is clear that this will not solve the problem of abortion, but it can be a step forward. Concerning this issue, I think that each woman has the right to decide whether to keep their baby or not, only if their reasons are valid, such as a rape or financial problems. If restrictions are established, the population will be more likely to take precautions in the future.

I'm posting to let you know that I agree with you that the pro-choice arguments are the strongest. I do agree that embryos are human beings. However, I believe that a mother's freedom of choice, autonomy and self-interest are more important. A mother knows if she is going to be able to take adequate care of her child. In some cases, such as rape, a mother may not love her child. I do not think that abortion should be criminalized in Canada. If a mother does not want to have the baby, why force her to?

This is the type of debate we might never solve and I find you were able to express both sides of it, in a very good way. I agree with you that this decision of having the abortion or not should be the parents ’decision. Some guidance can be given to them according to their situation but they should have the right to take the final decision. We can’t generalized to accept or not abortion in spite of the reasons behind it. Each case has its own story and we should take this aspect into consideration. People should think about the freedom of choice that our society promotes and apply it to this debate. Every individual should have the right to live but also they should have the right to live a healthy life which some mothers might not be able to afford. Should we compromise the well-being of human being for an unethical act?

This summary is a straightforward "what side are you on?" question. Although not as big of an issue in Canada, it is much larger south of the border in the United States. There, the abortion debate continues in a large number of states. The recent episode in Texas concerning Wendy Davis and her decision to filibuster in attempt to kill an abortion bill (no pun intended) comes to mind.

When concerning a woman's choice to abort her unborn fetus or embryo, it all depends on the mothers social relationship with her unborn child. The opposition will claim that fetuses are human beings, but I ask them to question what makes a human being a 'human'. Is it their genes? The fact that they belong to homo sapiens sapiens? Or is it cognitivity? And more importantly, exactly when is a fetus considered a human being? When a heartbeat is detected? Are we still holding on to early Renaissance beliefs that our heart is what makes us think, feel, in short, contain our humanity?

And lastly, outside of all of this, I address this question to the religious zealot: isn't the issue of abortion between the pregnant woman and god, not you and the pregnant woman?

This is an extremely controversial topic and has many pros and cons making it a suitable topic to analyze. I believe that abortion is really up to the carrier of the fetus being the mother. It is her body and will end up being her responsibility in the end. If the baby would not be taken care of properly in the end because of unsufficient funds, age of parents, or lack of responsibility, it is the right of the mother to make that call. There are also complicated scenarios for example a woman who has been raped and got pregnant, or even mothers who are being pressured into carrying a baby from family or religion. This will put stress on both the mother and the baby. In the end it is her body and her decisions. Of course, I do not believe that it should be abused, but no one should be denied to abort a child. Some may say that they took the risk of unprotected sex or they knew what would happen and they must be responsible for such acts, but there are underlying reasons and certain scenarios that must be taken into account. The real question is how would we lower abuse of abotions? Should we put a limit on how many one may obtain? O