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''Louisiana boy, 8, shoots 90-year-old relative after playing video game, police say'' (fox). Being an avid gamer, this title immediately grabbed my attention as I was browsing through online news. Videogames are essentially everywhere these days and virtually every kid now experiences them. This however, is not the case for many parents, as they grew up at a time when such games where very primitive and did not necessarily appeal to a broad audience, as games do today. This fact and the title of the Fox news article mentioned earlier, will cause many parents to seriously ask themselves the question: Can a video game really make my child a murderer?


My personal belief is that video games do not make children more violent. I have been playing violent video games since before I was 8 years old, and have never felt the need to act out violently, let alone murder anyone. In fact, I am not the only one to have this point of view. Christopher Ferguson from Stetson University conducted a study demonstrating that kids, even those with deficit disorders, where actually a little more calm after playing violent video games (Video games ¶1).


However, according to some, such as Dr.Phil, video games actually do make children more aggressive. He says that video games ''do not teach children moral consequences'' (Children ¶2). He goes on to say that this causes children to use more aggressive images and language in everyday life and they externalize their anger in violent ways (¶2). The National Institute on Media and the Family also says that teens are very impressionable and that violent games activate the anger center in their brains (¶5).


I don't understand some people, they would never allow a ban on firearms, but they would agree on banning violent video games. Should guns be more controlled in the United States? Maybe then, 8 year olds won't have guns and people won't have to cover up real problems with virtual worlds.




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A lot of parents are asking either they should let their child play to violent videogames or not. Some studies are saying that eventually they encourage kids to become violent like this child who shot his 90-year-old relative after playing a game. In my opinion, I think this is not related to videogames itself but by many other factors. First of all parenting supervision is very important. Some games are rated mature (17+): IT IS FOR A REASON. I don’t think a game like the smurfs will turn someone into a killing machine… Furthermore, it is not scientifically proven that videogames make kids violent. There are some researches on this topic but they are most of the time contradictory. On the other hand, parents should supervise their kids when they are playing videogames. This could also cause social and health damages. To be mentally sane, you have to interact with real people and make friends not to stay on a computer all day long and talk with knights or soldiers.
I approve videogames for children. However, I would suggest parents ‘supervision for the time spent and for the rating of these ones.

This blog spot first grabbed my attention because of its shocking title. Then, I was interested to continue my reading because I was intrigued to know how an 8 year old got to kill a 90 years old woman. I also find it fascinating to see how the level of violence is always increasing nowadays.

I do feel that guns should be more controlled in the United States. However, since guns are part their culture now, I think that the only thing that can be regulated is the way they are kept. Norms of safety should be put in place in order to prevent this kind of accident. These norms should emphasize the fact that the weapon should be kept in a place inaccessible to children and also that it always stays unloaded.

I do not think that video games can make children murderers. Nevertheless, I do not believe either that they are inoffensive. Indeed, my point of view is that they can make some violent tendencies develop in some children under certain conditions. If the child lives in a violent environment and also plays violent video games, I think he will be more prone to think that violence is a normal thing to use in his everyday life. On the other hand, if he is taught values of peace while being raised and plays violent video games, he will understand that the worlds of his games cannot exist in reality.

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the original blogger’s point of view when he says that video games do not make children more violent. Exposing kids to violence is controversial especially because it has been proven that it can affect their behavior. I do not think an opinion on such a broad subject should be built upon a personal experience. Instead, it should be based on a more general look of the situation.

Here is as link to an online article about a study on the relationship between the behavioral problems of children and the amount of violence they are exposed to.

I do think there is a relationship between violent video games and the presence of violence in children’s actions. However, I think this relationship goes both ways. Yes, in my opinion, video games cause some sort of violence. On the other hand, one could say that a child that already has violent tendencies will therefore be more attracted to violent video games. Whether the relationship is one-sided or not, there seems to be a correlation between children’s violence and the type of video games they play. However, I do acknowledge that video games are not the sole cause of tragedies, and that these cases are only the sad exceptions.

I also disagree with the author’s opinion that gun control is the only variable in play in all the tragedies that have happened in the United States. I do think that doing something in order to make guns less accessible to the population would make a big difference, but I also think that it is important to acknowledge other important variables, such as video games. To illustrate my point of view, I will make up a situation where two teenagers have access to real guns and live in the exact same conditions, except for one aspect: one has played violent video games in which he has used a virtual gun, and the other has never played a violent video game. Will the teenager who has used a virtual gun not have more knowledge than the other teenager about how the real gun works?

I share your point of view on the subject. I believe that violent video games should not be banned as they probably have not been the cause of the murder of the child's relative. In fact, correlation does not imply causation. The fact that a murderer played violent video games doesn't entail that the video games made him violent. Instead, the shooter who committed the heinous crime was most probably psychologically unstable. Violent video games may have given the murderer a plan of action, but little evidence proves that they have given him the incentive to murder. However, if one were to blame video games for recent crimes, one would also have to look at other forms of media as a cause of violence. Thus, we must ask the question: "have violent television shows and movies lead to an increased crime rate?" The media always tend to blame the forms of entertainment that are new and fresh to the public. In fact, the same sort of debate was being made about comic books when they were the most popular form of entertainment for adolescents. Thus, it is hard to adopt journalists’ points of view when they argue that a new form of media is leading to an increase in violent crimes.

On a separate note, the values of freedom and safety are in conflict. People who believe that violent video games should be banned are concerned for the safety of society. In their eyes, violent video games create murderers, thus putting the safety of citizens at risk. However, those against the prohibition of violent games believe that everyone is free to play whatever video games they may find entertaining. Although violent games may give an psychologically-unstable individual strategies to commit a murder, by no means should all citizens be prohibited from enjoying violent games.