The Habs Great Acquisitions!

by mathieubgervais on September 11, 2013 - 12:07pm

For all habs fan across the city of Montreal, it is not fall that announces the end of summer but the begging of a new season. Fans all across Montreal are anxious to see the first puck drop on October 1st against their rivals the Toronto Maple leafs. What do we expect from the habs this year? Are they into the playoff run or do they stand no chance? One thing for sure is that GM Marc Bergevin and head coach Micheal Therrien envision their team in the playoffs!

          During the off season Marc Bergevin and Micheal Therrien worked hard on going to get the missing aspects of the Montreal Canadians. With the acquisition of George Parros, Doug Murray and Danny Briere. It was no surprise to see the acquisition of big tough guys like Parros and Murray. They don’t want to face another game like the games played in last year’s playoffs against the Ottawa Senators. Where the habs were tossed around like rags by the sens gladiators. They could have went farther in the playoffs if the team would have been tougher with stronger players. We have to give credit to Brandon Prust hard work of being the enforcer on the ice, but then again when you’re the only tough guy on ice, at one point the body can’t follow anymore. Which is why Prust was extremely happy to see Parros enter the team. Parros a strong forward who is seen as one of the league’s best fighters will defiantly help the team. Alongside defensemen Doug Murray who can block shots, get big hits and is filled with mean steak! And Briere won’t be that type of player to drop the gloves but he will help the teams power play become the best of the league once more and can get a good 30 plus goal season.  

        I believe that GM and head coach of the Montreal Canadians did a great job building their team over the off season. Adding the physical aspect to the game that they were missing, will help other players play a calmer game and perform better. Some people say that tough guys in the game of hockey are useless but they are one of the most important aspects to the game. Which is why they’re out there. To protect the good players who can score and intimidate the other team’s top forwards. A perfect example of a tough team to beat because of their tough built are the Boston Bruins. Being in the Stanley cup finals two times in the past three years and winning it once. Could the latest acquisitions of the Montreal Canadian’s help bring the 25th cup back to Montreal? Let’s wait and see.  

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Like you write in the article, habs fan are currently waiting the October first... And I'm one of them!! I'm totally in trust with our GM Marc Bergevin and coach Therrien, plus the acquisitions of the summer! The only point I don't agree with you is the Stanley Cup... I think Canadiens will win the cup in the next years, but maybe not this year. Our rookies are still rookies and this year they will feel more the pressure than last year. Plus, in the next year, the big players we draft, like Mike Mccarron or Jacob de la Rose will be ready to play NHL, and like you said, we need strength on the team.

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