France will ban electronic cigarettes

by alexandrachartrand on June 16, 2013 - 11:06pm

     Many of us have encountered the new electronic cigarettes during the past years. They are sold to your nearest ‘dépanneur’ and come in a multitude of flavors. I tried it myself and wasn’t quite disappointed with the outcome. I don’t smoke cigarettes but this new type of invention intrigued me greatly. In the article that I read, it discusses on how France will ban the smoking of electronic cigarette in public. I was drawn to this article because I was very familiar with the concept of it and it left me flabbergasted knowing that countries are already taken action upon this invention. France has 66 million people living in it’s territory and claims that 66,000 a year are killed by tobacco a year and 5,000 are killed through the exposure of it. It discusses how electronic cigarettes can influence the use of real cigarettes and therefore, the french government will take initiative and ban smoking electronic cigarettes in public places (bars, cafes, offices, waiting room and more) just like they did with real cigarettes. This is significant as for we are all exposed to this electronic cigarettes and there could be in fact, some consequences to it.

Should the government of France do otherwise?
     I believe that the government will do the right thing as for in the article, they mention that more health research should be done in regards of electronic devices. Also, since when we are smoking this electronic alternative, we are mimicking the same types of movements and gestures as if it were a real cigarette. It can be a door to a bad habit. There are other ways of trying to stop an addiction to tobacco such as patches and gum. They also promote a more clean environment and a better atmosphere in general. It is not the best sight seeing people holding cigarettes regardless if it’s an electronic one or not. On the other hand, some people might state that France is taking it too far as for it is not hurting anyone directly. Also, it can be used as an opportunity for smokers to change their initial cigarette to an electronic one, which is definitely a better option for their personal health and the people around them. It prevents second-hand smoking.

Do you think Canada should pay closer attention to the electronic alternative?


This blog post caught my attention due to the electronic cigarette, which I personally don’t have any experience with. I believe that yes, France and eventually Canada should ban these types of cigarettes. These cigarettes may be less harmful than regular cigarettes but at the same time they will cause a great influence on non-smokers. If we want to make our world healthier then I believe that we must not only help smokers quit but also eliminate the influence on younger generations.

Yes, electronic cigarettes may be a lot better than the regular ones and might also help smokers find a new alternative but I still believe there are better solutions. Like stated in the original blog post, there are patches and gums that will help you quit smoking. Resorting to something that has the same motion, taste and possible psychological effects is not the same thing as quitting with the standard tools. These electronic cigarettes are much more environmentally friendly than the standard ones. So I would believe that it is more beneficial, to everyone, to smoke electronic cigarettes rather than the regular ones. In France they are trying to ban these cigarettes and I believe they are doing the right thing. By banning electronic cigarettes there is the possibility that the amount of smokers will decrease due to the lack of influence. Though nature’s health is extremely important I believe it is more beneficial to deal with the regular cigarette problem first.

People usually think that electronic cigarettes have less of an effect on the human body, but in this case they are wrong. For example, the electronic cigarette does affect lungs as well. In the link below the article describes the many negative effects of electronic cigarettes on the body.

This article interested me in particular because I used to have a few friends who used legitimately use electronic cigarettes as a method to quit smoking. Out of around four of five of my friends I think only one or two actually managed to quit by using the electronic cigarettes.
In regards to the question you raise regarding France, I do not think they should ban these electronic cigarettes because they are not causing any harm. These electronic cigarettes are not causing any harm to the user, nor is it causing any second hand smoke which is created from actual cigarettes. As of now there have been no deaths linked directly to the usage of electronic cigarettes, therefore banning them is quite ridiculous. Electronic cigarettes provide as a good alternative to those who smoke cigarettes on a daily basis.
The article states, “…the electronic alternative will increase the general temptation to smoke, including enticing those who have quit to start again…” I strongly believe that the government of France is viewing this matter in the wrong way. The electronic cigarettes were created to act as a method to help those who intend to STOP smoking, not start.
If you’d like, I urge you to read this article, it will provide you with a little bit more insight towards the usage of electronic cigarettes.

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