Right to die

by Guillermo Martinez on June 16, 2013 - 11:57pm


From my perspective, our society is full of unjustified taboos. People base their opinions on their values and their knowledge, hence taking away other people’s control on their lives. In fact, the government can go as far as taking away from a citizen his right to choose either his life is worth living or not. I, from my knowledge, think that life is sacred and worth living. However, I, and must of lawmakers and population, have not experienced an extremely painful or insignificant state of health preventing us from living our lives as we intend to. Although the assisted suicide could be seen as murder, it is primordial in order to satisfy a paralyzed patient’s need. Therefore, the choice of whether to live or not should be at the discretion of the experimented people and not based on our poor and ignorant judgments.  

Is ignoring people’s pain reasonable or selfish?


Although, individual choice to die represents collective consequence, since there will always be terminally ill patients that want to die we need to consider their suffering. We need to start listening to them. We should not ignore their pain and hear what they have to say.

Perhaps, the right to death is a good alternative to suffering of terminally ill patients. What kind of life is worth living? Most terminally ill patients are isolated, vulnerable, along with their pain and disability. These individuals think their own life doesn't matter and endured suffering that cannot be release with any medication.

However, there are some terminally ill patients that have access great quality of life and do good things. In these cases the patients although the endure a lot of pain chose to live and have their relatives to help and support them. May be we should promote assistance and help for terminally ill patients so that they could access a greater quality of life which would make their life worth living with the pain? killing someone because of his disability is immoral and decreases the value of our own life.

This link has further information in response to the question: What makes a life worth living? Living in suffering yes but at what price to serve what end?To what point death becomes preferable?

Mortality is a real taboo subject. Should a human being be allowed to choose whether to live or die? It’s not easy to take a side without being judged or contested. And what about helping a friend or a family member to die? Half of me is tempting to say that killing someone stays a homicide, no matter if it is done for them good or not. But the other half of me, more compassionate, would rather say that people should have the right to make decisions about their own life.
There are people dying, suffering and so sick that death has become their only issue. Living in a constant pain it is not a life worth living. So I guess it would be unfair to refuse peace at these people, who are only asking for help. We have to put ourselves in their shoes… They only want to be free. But still, I can’t take a side… I would say it depends on the person’s condition…


I agree with you when you say that people should decie if they want to die or not. You also made a good argument, over people which decide for people you are no longer able to decide of their life by themself. This is subctive, because a person`s opinion influences on someone. Your article is also interesting, because we can see that since 2013, things changed! as you can see in CBC article "Quebec passes landmark end-of-life-care bill"(http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-passes-landmark-end-of-lif...). So, the government passed a bill that allows dying people to decide by themselves to die.

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