North Korea VS USA

by Adriano D 1993 on June 16, 2013 - 11:39pm


Imagine one morning waking up and you see on the news that war has begun. The technology that can be used in war has drastically changed over the years. Nuclear weapons are not an idea but a real possibility. All it takes is on person to have a slight feeling that they are going to be attacked and then they can let loose their nuclear weapons. What scares me the most is how many countries actually have access to this kind of weaponry and how many are willing to use it. I chose this article because it almost seems unreal. How many times do you see these kinds of situations in movies? They never end well in movies therefore I could only imagine how bad they would end in reality. This article is about North Korea trying to start peace talks with the USA after having thrown threats to them for the last while. If just one of these weapons is used it could send out planet into nuclear waarfare which could lead to the end of us as a race.

The ethical issue is whether anyone should have the right to these extremely dangerous weapons or not. 

Should any nation be allowed to own nuclear weapons?

Some would say this kind of weaponry is essential simply because it exists and if you don’t have it then you will be vulnerable to the other countries who own it. They must level the playing field to avoid being walked all over. 

Some believe these weapons are simply a part of the evolution of technology. There is no way to stop countries from manufacturing and researching these weapons its in our genes as humans to strive for the most efficient products to facilitate life and for a soldier or country the most efficient way to take out the opponent is definitely with nuclear weapons. 

How would you propose to put an end to these weapons of destruction that could ultimately lead to end of our existence?


I think that North Korea is a very interesting country to talk about because they are very different than us and take decisions that can seem very weird to us. The nuclear weapons pose a threat to every country, but North Korea is, I think, the most unpredictable country on Earth.
I think that no nations should be allowed to have nuclear weapons because it would kill too many people if they are used and I believe that you don’t solve a problem by killing everyone. Also, everyone should have the right to security and life and nuclear weapons threaten those fundamental rights. Also, those weapons are deadly to everyone, including children, not only soldiers.
However, because the nuclear weapon exists, I think that it would be impossible to keep countries from getting it because after all, we will always run the risk that another country will secretly make a nuclear weapon. That relates to the prisoners’ dilemma. If none of the countries have nuclear weapons it will be a little harder for them to solve their problems because they will not be able to attack each other as efficiently as it would be with nuclear weapons. However, if only one country gets nuclear weapon, this country would have a big advantage over the others, so no country would run this risk and all countries will get/keep nuclear weapons. So I agree with you when you say that “they must level the playing field to avoid being walked all over”.
I think that another important point in this article is the willingness of North Korea to engage in discussion for peace with the United States and South Korea. After all, they demonize the United States and see them as the major threat to their “utopian” society. Related to this, you can go watch this video which is a satire of North Korean propaganda against the United States.

Korea has always been a country that I’m very interested in. Whether it’s the North or the South it fascinates me. I love South Korean pop culture and even their general culture; the food, the language, the music, etc… I’ve also always been a “tech-y” kid always wanting the newest technologies and the capital of South Korea, Seoul is somewhat of a futuristic city with one of the fastest internets in the world and all the different technologies developed in the country I’m always so fascinated with the country and any international news that comes out of it.

I personally didn’t believe any of the threats concerning a North Korean attack on the US because I have 2 friends who’ve been living in South Korea for 5 years now and they told me that in the 5 years they’ve been there North Korea often threatens the south of bombing them and “cover the country in a sea of fire” and this year it just happened to catch the attention of the world so everyone was scared they’d get bombed when in reality it was just like any other year where nothing happened. They also told me that South Koreans just carry on their daily lives as if nothing was wrong; none of them seemed to be scared of being bombed by their neighbours. To get back to the question, I think to convince the North of dropping their nuclear programs is to just ignore them to be honest. They act like a young child who tries to get attention, since he doesn’t have it he threatens to hurt or break something. If we just ignored them and stopped giving them attention, maybe they’d realize that their plans to blow up the US are ludicrous and stop saying they’ll blow up everything.

I honestly don’t believe any country should have nuclear weapons because they serve absolutely no purpose in my opinion. A country will have these nuclear weapons to boast to other country of their nuclear power and then never use them. If ever a country were to use its nuclear weapons then it would only breed more hate causing the other country to want revenge and will only create this vicious chain of people wanting to kill each other.

Exactly like I said in my last paragraph, because countries get jealous of who has the most power then other countries develop nuclear weapons and then threaten to blow everyone up to show they’re the strongest. If no one had nuclear weapons then that wouldn’t be a problem. There would probably some other sort of weapon but it could be less dangerous.

This is a 3 part documentary made by VICE that focuses on life inside of North Korea and how the country acts like how I describe it at the beginning of this comment. Constantly trying to prove to the film crew of 5-6 people that their country is “beautiful” and “perfect”.

From a deontological approach I believe that developed countries should be allowed to have access to nuclear weapons. The United States for example has a duty to its citizens and borders to protect them from harm. If a country is pure bent on acquiring these weapons then there are always ways of getting them. If countries like the U.S, France, the U.K and Germany want to fulfill their moral duties of protecting themselves then they need access to nuclear weaponry. If an extremist organization gets a hold of these weapons then countries need to have the capability to defend themselves against anything, even if that means a nuclear standoff.

This is an interesting topic because ever since the end of the Cold War, it has been drilled into the international community that nuclear weapons are one of the worst things to hit the Earth. If the act of having nuclear weapons is by nature a bad thing, then someone taking a deontological perspective might be against nuclear weapons as an offensive weapon and even a defensive deterrent.

This is a very interesting and controversial topic. Yes we should be putting pressure on them because of all the nuclear threats and testing. I believe that we should question any country that conducted way more nuclear tests in the past. Any country should be questioned in general for having a stockpile of nuclear arms and testing them on their own soil. No country in my opinion should have nuclear weapons, there is more harm from them than good.