Designer Babies - Playing With Genetics

by kristinarassi on June 16, 2013 - 10:51pm


 Designer Babies - Playing With Genetics

While growing up, most of us had an idol. That one person we thought was “perfect” or look exactly how we want to look and wanted to be just like them. If you are reading this and agreeing than you will relate very well to this article.  With that being said, if you would like to know more about what the word “perfect” means in this context I strongly recommend you to read the article, then my opinion and give me your honest feed back. The article will discuss the common issue of “designer babies” and to which point it is thought of as acceptable. This issue in other words is called vitro fertilization, where fetuses are genetically altered to look and be “the perfect child”.

One of the things that inspired me to talk about this topic is when I was watching the TLC hit “toddlers and tiaras” I noticed that all these kids had one thing in common and that was being perfect little dolls or in other words designer. I then did more research and came across vitro fertilization. This procedure is done when the child in still in the mother’s stomach and early on in the pregnancy, it is basically when the doctor will use the cells he\she thinks is perfect and terminate the ones that may have imperfections. With that being said, this procedure can only be authorized if the parents give consent.  It is mainly used for two reasons, one would be for the heath of the child for example to avoid cancer or any other disease and the other reason would be for physical appearance such as having blues eyes, brown hair instead of brown eyes, blond hair. With this being said, the ethical issue in this article would manly be if people are actually using this procedure for the well being of the child or for their preferred physical appearance?

As a parent you want the best for your child right? You want to make sure he or she does not have to struggle with any illness or another matter of pain but should it be taken to the point of tampering with DNA, I think not.  The issue here is that not all parents want to change their child for its own well being but more so for the physical aspect of things. Everybody has a preference whether it’s for dark skinned people, or blue eyed others, we all have something we like better than other and that’s where the problems come in. Parents will forget that their child is not a sculpture and what they would prefer is not necessarily important enough to tamper with the natural appearance of a child. Not only that but if all parents are going to start changing their children to designer babies, our world will go from originality to mimicry, everyone will look the same and with that will come issues of separation. It is morally wrong because it is not something that is natural and institutional, second it is not 100% accurate and last but not least it can be a dangerous procedure as well which is why I believe it should not be permitted.

On a positive look, some parents are going forward with this procedure to insure well being of their child by assuring the child will not have any disease or defects which make include only one arm, or cancer for example. That may be true and a respectable way of looking at things but I believe is still not convincing enough because at the end of the day yes it is going to benefit the child and give it well being but is it more for the child or the simple fact that some parents may not have the psychological capacity to take care of a sick or imperfect child so they turn to the easier way out being vitro fertilization.  All in all, yes there may be sincere reasons to want to proceed with this debatable procedure but at the end of the day parent hood is about loving your child for how it is given to you not changing its natural inner beauty.


Do you think it should be permitted to change the natural genetics of your child based on your perception of how he or she should be? 


Once I read the article I felt that there are definitely positives to this process of tinkering with cells. I mean I am blessed to be perfectly healthy with no known disorders but not everyone is as lucky as I am. Some people have no choice but to live with what they have and sometimes it just isn't good enough. I truly understand that and that’s why I agree in very rare cases this process should be approved ONLY to benefit a Childs future ex: removing the possibility of certain diseases.

I believe it is wrong to choose how your baby looks. Having a baby is not playing dress up or playing with lego's. You cannot play god. You may be the source of this baby but you have no right to put it together like it’s a toy. It’s a living being and there are other things deciding what your baby will look like. I believe you technically are choosing what you want your baby to look like when you choose a partner to reproduce with. I do not think there are people out there that have children with people they don’t feel do not have traits they would like to see in their child. I also feel that if you love someone and choose to have a baby with them then your offspring should be perfect to you with no exceptions. Lastly I feel that the only time a baby’s life should be put at risk is to attempt to make its life exponentially better in the future and I personally don’t think giving a baby blue eyes and blond hair will not drastically improve the baby’s life. Who are these parents to say this child wants to live with these physical traits?

I am solely for this process if it helps to benefit the Childs life in the future and I don’t mean it benefits its by “looking attractive” I mean lowers chance of suffering from uncontrollable diseases. If it is done to alter the physical traits of the baby I believe it should be considered criminal. We have couples who are literally ruining themselves over the fact that they cannot produce their own offspring but yet we have people that are not happy with their potential baby that they created and want to modify it. Common this is not a Honda were talking about it’s a living being.

Should this process of altering your future Childs physical appearance be illegal?

Here is an article talking about designer babies and why it works in the USA and not United kingdom:

It really depends on what type of person you are, whether you believe this should or should not be allowed. If you value having a perfect child then something right there is wrong because there is no such thing as perfect. If everyone were to genetically create the perfect baby then no one would ever be unique. There would no longer be diversity in society. If somebody feels the need to manipulate their baby’s DNA because he/she is going to be born with some kind of mental or physical illness, then I would have to say that somebody is discriminatory. I am not trying to be accusing, but I am simply saying it how it is. There are reasons why everybody is made different, everyone is put on this earth to teach and learn from one another. If everyone were to be identical this would not be possible. Babies are a special gift from the creator, so why would you want to interfere with the natural course of life?

As all of you have already mentioned, it is a step forward in the sense that it could prevent cancer genes or whatsoever. However, the real issue here is the physical aspect. Parents would start being competitive while designing their babies. A deontology perspective would simply be that this is so wrong. Having a baby should not be about having the kid you think will be the most attractive. On the opposite, babies conceived naturally are so beautiful in a whole other way.

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