An All-Time High Amount of CO2 in the Atmosphere

by jwright on June 16, 2013 - 1:21am

All my life I was taught to respect the environment, my parents were always trying to teach my brother and I ways to do so whether it was by recycling or having a compost bin in our backyard. Because of this, the environment has always been something I care about and try to respect whether its by doing small gestures like recycling or to just reuse things as much as I can to diminish the amount of waste.

This article raises multiple questions depending on whether you believe in global warming or not. If you do believe in it then you might consider if anything can truly be done at this point to try and go back in our footsteps and try to reduce the emissions of green house gasses we release yearly? If you do not believe in global warming at all then do you believe that these claims are ridiculous and fake? If you do believe them then what do you think is the cause for the total amount of CO2in the atmosphere?

I believe we should immediately stop any practice that harms the planet. I know it’s physically impossible to end all activities overnight but by doing so we might have a chance in reducing our chances of living in a world that’s hard to live in. Obviously before we see the effects of ending immediately harming the planet it would get worse for a couple of years, maybe decades, but in the long run we could get the planet back into the shape it used to be in.

These studies and testimonials from scientists may illustrate the growth of CO2in the atmosphere over the years but there are many other articles and research done on disproving the theory of global warming and how it doesn’t make sense in the long run.

Whether these studies are conspiracy theories or not do you think global warming is a real issue in today’s society or just nothing more than a government plot? What are your thoughts on the rise of CO2levels to 400ppm this year?

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