Fake news or not?

by etienne0330 on February 7, 2018 - 11:07am

I’m going to explain in a simple manner the article I read that is called: Pope Francis vs Donald Trump: Each one has a guide to fake news — and they couldn't be more different. The article talks about, mainly, how pope Francis view Fake news. They compare their point of view, explaining how Donald Trump would just give you examples, Pope Francis would rather give you clue on how to figure out if a news is fake or not. It is more of a how to spot fake news guide.


This article was written by a mystery author in the National Post, was written and published the 24th of January 2018. Although it’s an interesting article, I find it hard to take it seriously because it lacks the unbiased approach journalists need to do spread information correctly. Because of this, it is really hard to take it seriously and not question it, they could be saying things that aren’t true, they could be twisting words said by both man, etc. To put it really simply, they could be, in a very ironic fashion, spreading fake news themselves.

Here is a link to the article if you want to make your own opinion on the subject:



This article post was summarized well and was easy to understand the idea of this topic. You included a clear statement of your view of this post in terms of it's credibility. In addition, you included a link to your post. In terms of delivering the basic information which is very important in a summary, you did a good job.
What could be improved is your explanations on the topic. I didn't have a hard time understanding your post and it's theme, but your examples could have been be further elaborated to support your view of it being a "questionable and "bias" article. When you wrote " They compare their point of view, explaining how Donald Trump would just give you examples, Pope Francis would rather give you clue on how to figure out if a news is fake or not", you could have provided examples to show the difference of these two points of views. Also, to solidify your perspective of this article, you could have paired it to another one of a similar discussion about Trump and Pope Francis. I have provided an article of these two political figures to help provide a structure for this post as they share a history that can potentially relate to the article you analyzed.
Overall great job on this post.

To begin with, your article is very well written and well structured.
However, there is very little information being provided on the article itself, which makes it hard for me to consider if the article is reliable or not. Although the National Post, may seem like a reliable source, the author is still unknown. Therefore, the article cannot be deemed as credible because there is no background information on the author, nor any information on his educational background. For future reference it would be best to find an article with a reliable author and provide a detailed description of the article.
Here is a credited source article that confirms your article: https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/24/politics/pope-fake-news-trump/index.html

Firstly, your article post is well done and very easy to understand. Your point of view about the credibility of the article is cleary presented. Moreover, I liked the fact that we know the principal informations of the article you have read in the first lines. In addition to that, it's really interesting to have included a link. Good job!
However, in the first paragraph, you talk about the way Donald Trump and Pope Francis see the fake news. So, I would like you to give some examples for both of them to better understand the difference of their point of view.

Hello Etienne, I really like the way you wrote this article. It was easily understandable and you told your opinion in a simple manner, witch I think is awesome because anyone can understand your main point. Tough, Like Rosalie said in her comment, I would have loved to learn more about the differences in Donald trump's and the Pope's opinions. I think it would have been a better way to know why they do not have the same ideas. To conclude, I really enjoyed my reading of your text. Great job.

Well hi Étienne. I found you article very interesting and easy to understand. As you said it, its hard to believe what the autor wrote in his news. But i made some research and its on national post, one of the most popular website for news, so its probably a credible one for the readers. I like how you present the article. Its à simple summary and its how i like it. Its fun to see the point of vue about fake news between 2 of the most influential men on the world. Anyway continue like that you did a great job

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