Fake news

by ragingrabbit on February 13, 2018 - 1:47pm

Fake News

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Fake news is a considered a new issue society needs to combat. In 2017 Fake news was considered the word of the year, trying to raise awareness of the growing issue. In Quebec there have been many cases of Fake news. Ad revenue generating sites operate to promote fake news while reaping the benefits of receiving ad revenue from the users visiting their websites. The Sherbrooke Times is a perfect example of this sort of website, they generate upwards of 1200$ US, per month. When researching on their website they only provide insight on more visited subjects, their business section only boasts one article while health includes articles in a full four webpages. Most of these posts are also rip-off posts from mainstream news outlets as expressed by journalists. CBC covered the issue of fake news websites for generating ad revenue, Jeff Yates a Montreal journalist, who studied and received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism at Concordia university, wrote an article specifically regarding this topic. “These fake newspaper sites want you to believe they’re based in Quebec – but they aren’t”. The article takes a more in-depth view of the functionality of these sites. They are based in soviet countries such as Ukraine or Russia and the 1200$+ they make per month totals 4 times their average monthly rent cost. These fake news site are set up specifically to dupe readers into believing false claims and read more of the articles they post. While the reader gets incentivised to read more by false claims these sites generate more revenue from the ads in which the users are broadcasted. Stéphane Giroux, the president of Quebec’s federation of professional journalists, is paraphrased demonizing these fake sites for widespread false propaganda. Fake propaganda is potentially dangerous to society as claimed by CBC when a fake conspiracy theory was claimed by one of these sites and believed by the mainstream public. A post was made about NASA claiming they had doctored the photos of the Apollo 17 lunar landing creating widespread speculation of a false claim. Fake news is a contemporary issue we have to take seriously and undermine as quickly as possible to achieve a common goal of true media influx. 





Very interesting subject! You are right, fake news is an important issue to take seriously. I think it would have been even more interesting if you proposed solutions or techniques to solve the problem to make the text more complete. The sources seem very reliable. Great work !