The fake news problem on social media

by Elodie Tremblay on February 7, 2018 - 11:21am

Recently, a new article went out on social media, commenting about fake news, more specifically on Facebook. This article is called “Facebook is trading fake news for local news” ( It was written by Chris Mills, a news editor, and was published on January 29th, 2018.

In this article, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announces that modifications will be made soon on his social media. Facebook is known for its diversity, allowing people to share photos, messages, ideas and articles. With time, there are less publications made by real people, and many more articles published by pages or companies to encourage users to click on the link, that somehow provides automatically a small amount of money to the publisher. To manipulate Facebook’s users, these pages and companies use compelling titles and photos. They use news that are often uncertified or fake. It causes a big problem for Facebook, making the social media look unsafe. Mark Zuckerberg decided to focus on filtering fake news and posting more local news. He wants to stop media organizations from creating fake news to get more clicks. There will now be more stories from local sources, instead of made-up stories from uncertified sources. According to the article, Mark wants people to be more concerned about their local issues and be more aware of what is going on in their community.

Personally, I think that the article I read is credible. It is easy to verify, because there are many sources mentioned in the text, such as Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Facebook account. The author is also a known news writer. There is nothing abnormal that could make me think the article is fake.


Your article includes many good information. I agree that fake news is a problem nowadays and good to know that Mark Zuckerberg decided to focus on this criteria. Because fake news really is a dangerous weapon in today society. It can damage and hurt both individual and groups. With this announcement from Mark, I believe that it could change the way we see the world, people will get more reliable news and sources. However, one problem that I found in your article which you should improve is that you need to provide more specific information about the author, not just what you think and believe is true. By including the bio of the author of the news, you will make your article even more credible. For example, I would say: "Chris Mills is a News Editor at BGR, he also a Contributing Editor of Gawker Media..." and also you should include into your article the link which leads into his bio such as this

To begin with, your article is very precise and well written. I enjoyed reading contemporary issues that revolve around us young adults and teenagers and it is important for the youth to understand the serious problems about fake news.
Moreover, I believe that the article may not be so reliable because the author of this article has little information about him. The was no background information that was provided for him, nor did you provide his educational degree's that the other has. In addition, the reason why I believe this article cannot be considered as reliable is because it is known that real celebrities and famous people don't personally write what they post on social media, they have someone write it for them, that's why Twitter or Facebook can't be considered a reliable source to be credited.
However, I liked the content you provided and I think it was really well presented! For future reference it would best to provide a detailed background check on the author in order to determine his credibility. Here is an article provided for you from Global News that very well confirms your information.

Hello Élodie. Your article is simply amazing. I love the way you explained everything, it is explained very clearly. As someone who uses Facebook very often, I agree with the fact that it feels unsafe because of all of the fake news.People should be more careful with social media and they sould be more aware of fake news. I think that the source seems pretty credible and I would certainly trust this article.

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