Fake News: Asian leaders are going crazy

by rosetaillon on February 14, 2018 - 9:33am

Fake News: Asian leaders are going crazy


All across Southeast Asia, but mainly Philippines, leaders are trying to take all the credibility of the Medias. Some, like Rodrigo Duterte (President of the Philippines) try to discredit Medias by using terms as “Spies”, “Iceberg of misinformation” or “Fake news” and it works! Journalists arrested, news sites facing closure and others shut down, here are some of the problems Asia is facing. In Philippines, where the hearth of the problem is, a news website named Rappler got its licence revoked after they wrote an article about Duterte’s controversial and deadly war on drugs. The problem is everywhere. In Myanmar, two journalists face accusations because they were reporting on the Rohingya crisis. In Cambodia, after two of its reporters were arrested, a news organization shut is bureau down. Many Asian journalists are worried this trend will get more important with time. According to Peter Greste, a Professor of Journalism at Queensland University, these actions follow Trump’s idea on disgracing any news organization that he does not like.

This article wrote by Euan McKirdy is truly credible. McKirdy currently lives in Asia, consequently, he knows what is going on in this part of the world. Furthermore, CNN is a credible American news website. The article was written on January 29, 2018 so the topic is still up to date. In addition, the authors refers to many local and international specialists who all share the same opinions than he does.  You can read the original article by following this link:https://www.cnn.com/2018/01/28/asia/asia-fake-news-media-repression-intl/index.html






Before reading your news summary, I found the title very intriguing which automatically drew me in. I was able to understand the issue about leaders who were trying to take control of media platforms and withdraw information from the public. You’ve also added examples of journalists in Myanmar, Cambodia etc. who were misrepresented and taken down by the government because of their news reports. Rather than just giving the readers one perspective you’ve made it more broad and showcased that this issue can be considered a global issue. However, I feel as though you could have expanded a little more on the issue regarding Cambodia or even Myanmar because you’ve only explained the problem in one sentence and I’m pretty sure there is more to the story. Furthermore, you’ve provided the readers with the original article and I tried to obtain the article to evaluate you’re post and CNN’s article, but I was unable to retrieve the website which made me question the credibility of your post. All in all, this was an interesting news summary that could have been better by providing more factual statements on the specific issue of Cambodia and Myanmar with a credible website where the readers are able to retrieve.

To start, i love that you chose an article from a huge news network and is extremely credible! Additionally, you used an article from a writer that is located in the area where the subject of the article is. I love the subject of the article, especially because it is an international subject regarding multiple countries in Asia. I had heard a bit about the issues regarding the president of Phillipines and loved to learn more about this country and others in this article. I believe you could've improved your article by working on the structure of it and the spelling mistakes. You could use many correcting sites like :http://www.onlinecorrection.com to help you write flawless texts! Just like Ruth, i was also unable to retrieve the link to read the site, you might've done an error while copying the link.

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