Can computers replace teachers?

by Cap on January 26, 2018 - 12:20am

Recently, technologies are developing rapidly, so in near future they will replace some jobs. Now, I want to focus if computers can replace teachers or not. Before I start writing about that, I want to describe the differences between humans and computers. After that I want to write if computer can replace teachers or not.

First, I would like to write the differences between humans and computers. Humans have a brain, but computers do not have it. Humans can think but computers cannot. This is a biggest difference between humans and computers. It relates to heart. When teachers teach to students, teachers teach with their passions or other emotions. Computers do not have passion or other emotions so if computers hold the class, it must be boring because computers just teach without any emotions. When we explain something, many people connect their experience and memory with facts or knowledge. However, computers do not have any memories and experiences, so computers can teach only facts.

Second, I am going to write if computers can replace teachers or not. As I said humans are better than computers because humans have brain and emotions. These are very important to teach something to people. Students are not only study but also, they learn how to communicate with others, how to corporate with others. How can computers teach these things? It is impossible. Humans and computers are completely different. We can learn those things from heart to heart not from screen to heart. Only humans can teach how to behave school events are important for students but if teachers were computers, how can they organize events. There are a lot of things that only humans can do, and computers cannot do in class rooms.

In conclusion, computers cannot replace teachers. These days teachers work every day like most teachers in charge of club activity held after school and Saturday and Sunday. In addition, teachers have to prepare for class and mark student’s exams when teachers do not have classes. It means teachers do not have enough time to rest. It is a serious problem. However, teachers can use computers, when they mark student’s exams. Teachers can rely on the computer. As I said computers cannot replace teachers, but teachers can use computer during the class. For example, some schools use tablets during the class. It can help teachers. For example, teachers can teach facts, so they can use computers when they teach like history and Kanji. Students only have to memorize these subjects, so teachers are not necessary. Teachers can use this time for other things. Computers are very smart and easy to use but to rely on computer anytime is dangerous. Computers never replace teachers.


Commmented by Ikumi

Thank you for your writting this essay and I could enjoy to read that.
By the way, you said that the robots can't replace the human teachers. In my opinion, that is no. Robots can replace the teachers in the future. There two things, the robots teach only facts, so the children will be not go to bad way. In addition, robots has an AI now, so they can think as humans and they have a big memorable system which is beyond human's brain. Moreover, they can teach everything that in bigdata. Bigdata is the data about everythings of human's activities. Robots can get information from there. According to these two things, I think that robots can replace the teacher in the future. However, it's maybe far in the future.

I think there are many differents points between teachers and AI. AI cannot understand students feeling, also they cannot give advices of school life. They just teach study. In additon, I think it is a very big problem that teachers don't have enough time to take a rest. Their job is too many, so people have to think about the way to reduce burderns of teacher. For example, increase the day that have no club activites, holiday and so on. I think teacher will never replace with AI, because they cannot run a school without teacher. Thank you.

In my opinion computers are very helpful to support student learning anything. There are so many reasons behind why computer really needed in these days in education system. By using computer we can save more paper and flexible to do our tasks everywhere. Moreover internet is making everything easy like sending e-mail, sharing information, accessing news online and many more. So being able to operate computer is a must nowadays.

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