by boi on December 7, 2017 - 7:28am

the goal of my article was to find out the leading causes of the stock market crash, the current state of the economy and how it can be prevented aagain. I began by talking about the deregulation of the market starting in 1980 which facilitated the practices that caused the crash. Then I explained the extreme market competition at the time and the different financial instruments used to increase profit by increasing the risk banks took. I came to a conclusion that increased leverage and greed ultimately caused the 2008 stock market crash and that sadly nothing has changed since then and things have gotten worse because after the crash the banks lobbied to stop any form of legislation from limiting their power.


Hey Boi, This really seems like a very interesting piece you're working on. It could be interesting to do do further academic research on the consequences the 2008 recession has had on the canadian economy. For example: the collapse of Nortel, the biggest , post 2008, company in Canada.

I love the fact that you are talking about the economic crash. I think that it is important that people should know what happened in 2008 so we can learn from our mistakes. A suggestion that I might give is to show the consequences that the market crash had on the United States (economically and environmentally). This can help in giving us more context to the severe crash.

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