West Island Mission

by Maximum98 on October 19, 2017 - 12:42pm

On September 12th 2017, the Globe and Mail uploaded an article by the Canadian press about the new measures that Quebec has implemented to help the victims of the west Island floods that happened last spring. If you are looking to help the victims of this tragedy, here is a non-profit organization you can reach out to. It is called the West Island Mission. According to their website, the “West Island Mission is a non-profit organization that provides well-balanced, high quality food assistance and other related aid to the less fortunate living in the West Island of Montreal.” Every year, the organization provides foods to the less fortunate and backpacks with their distribution of baskets every Christmas as of an example of what they will be doing this year. If you want to volunteer with the organization, you can them at 514-912-6813 or email them at info@wimmoi.org . According to their website, you will need to “Make sure to give us your full name, contact information, availabilities and how you would like to get involved.”

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Hi. My name is Reiko from Kansai University of International Studies in Hyogo, Japan.
I read your interesting article about helping people.
I think volunteer activities are very good activities to improve ourselves.
In Japan, there are many kinds of volunteer activities. For example,
disaster relief volunteer, activities to protect nature and environment, the activities
targeted for the youth and so on. I started volunteering since
April. The content of activity is helping children’s camp. I become the
children’s reader. Ouir facility is in trouble due to lack of personnel. I
think that if everyone is interested in volunteering and becomes
cooperative it will be able to create a better environment. And
I think if we can help each other when the disaster occurs,
we can build a good relationship. I hope that developed and developing
countries will be able to take similar measures. And if I have a chance,
I would like to participate volunteer activity, hopefully, overseas.
Do you know any group/college in Montreal that accepts foreign students for
volunteer/internship activities? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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