James Webb Space Telescope

by Thevoice4964 on October 26, 2017 - 8:16pm

First of all, the subject of the article is about the James Webb space telescope and his launch date who will be delayed. This telescope will be launched from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou. The plan of this space telescope is to go in the orbit of the sun. More precisely, in the second Lagrange point (L2) and what is special about this orbit is that the telescope will be able to stay in line with the earth while it is moving around the sun. But in final this article is more to inform that is launch will be delayed by BepiColombo, the Europe first's mission to Mercury, who will be launched at the same place. The James Webb telescope launch date was around the October 2018, but because of BepiColombo who will be launched between October and November 28 2018, the JWST launch date is now between March and June 2019. But this occure more cost in the reserve budget of 8$ billion dollars.


In conclusion, what I liked about this article  is that there is no big science term. This article is really simple to understand, also there is alot of information related to this mission, like is plan, is launch place and also why is launch will be delayed and what this delay will occur. But, there is some aspect that I didn't like about this article. The one I disliked the most is how the information is distributed in the arcticle, in introduction it start with the launch date delay and in the developpement more about what this telescope is and what will be his plan. I think it would be more easy to understand to the reader if it was the opposite.












Votre texte est vraimment interessant surtout que je suis un éleve de commerce, et je n'est pas toujours acces a tel informations et les nouvelles innovations. C'etait aussi facile à comprendre et il n'y avait pas de gros termes scientifiques . C'est stupéfiant de voir qu'on pourra enfin voir ce qu'ils se passent dans les autres planètes.

Thank you for your positive comment!

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