Action Research Project -Fundraiser

by DanielBoon on November 12, 2017 - 8:08pm

              Action Research Project -Fundraiser

Goal: We organise a Magic Show to raise funds to support other projects made by our classmates and Champlain Go Green fund. We pursue this goal to improve current financial situation of the Go Green fund and possibility of achievement of other projects goals.


Steps: After project is approved

1. Communicate with Dave Persons to receive a form to borrow a room for 29 November.

2. Start advertisement campaign to promote the show.

Posters will contain:

· Why this event is needed

· Date of this event

· Place of this events

· Price of tickets

3. Sell tickets to the show.

4. Perform at that magic show.

5. Donate money to students with different projects and leftover to Champlain Go Green Fund.

Team tasks:

  • Marco and Sam –Publicity.

  • Michael and Hicham –Tickets

  • Gianni and Danyyil – the Show.

  Is the timeline realistic:

The timeline is realistic. All that is needed for this project to succeed are advertisement and tickets, which can be done in a few weeks, while we have a month.




Potential impacts:

Social benefits:

 -Students will have some fun

Environmental benefits:

-Some of environmental projects will have greater chances to rise

How much will this project cost?

The project does not cost anything. No money is required for the room because the college lends rooms to students who are preparing a project, nor for the equipment as it is already owned by our magician. Tickets and posters that need to be printed can be printed at library, which means that the college will absorb the cost for first 100 pages printed.

Help needed:

•Dave Persons from Student services and College Administration to obtain the permission to perform, place where to perform and collect money for it.

•CSA & Student services to sell tickets.



I really like the idea of your project and think it will go along very nicely. One thing I am wondering is how much are you going to sell your tickets and how much people do you expect to show up to the show. Have you gone around the school and asked to see if the students and teachers are interested in magic? You could put out an online survey on omnivox stating the price of your tickets and the date of you show, asking students to answer a yes or no question. “Are you interest?” “Will you come?” This will give you a realistic approximate revenue and profit concerning your project. Once you have this and more concrete information on exactly when the posters are going up, etc., your project will be complete. Congratulations!

I think that your project is a great idea since there most likely will be many other groups with great projects to help the environment that will need more funding than what is offered to them. Also, it has a lot of potential to make a lot of money that will end up going towards a good cause. However, my only concern is how you will go about selling these tickets and advertising your campaign. I think that maybe you should get it out there on social media and explain how this will help the environment so people will 1) be more aware of the existence of the project and 2) be more motivated to actually buy the tickets. Other than that, I think it is a very creative and useful project that will help many others.

I believe there is great potential for this project, but I also do have certain concerns. November 29th is in barely two weeks, and I have barely seen any publicity for your project. Since there will be a lot of project presented on the 29th, I believe you should really focus on promoting your project. If you could target a certain club at school or even be sponsored by a club you would get a lot more visibility.

My other concern is about the actual show. If people are paying for a magic show they will expect a quality show that is entertaining. Do you have any experience in magic?
I think it would be good if you could sell tickets on place since many will probably not have been able to buy tickets prior to the event. It would be interesting to know how expensive are the tickets. I recommend you don’t sell them more than five dollars since it’s a pretty homemade show and it’s for a cause.
Apart from what is said above I think if the advertisement is well executed your project could be very successful. Keep going guys!

First, thank you.
The price we agreed on was 2 dollars.About buying tickets prior to the even,of course ,this option will be available, it was just simpler to keep money at Student services, and if anyone plans anything, simpler to buy them there because it is simple to fond them.
About quality.I perform magic ticks for almost 4 years.My tricks are defiantly not comparable to David Blaine, but they are good.

At first, I didn't understand in what way a magic show would help build a sustainable society but then I realize you have a very good idea. You are helping others and this is a way to be sustainable. Overall, I don't see any major problems with your project; you are bringing an opportunity for students to assist to a magic show while raising money for others. I only see a few minor issues with it. First, it would have been nice if you provided more information about tickets, the cost and where to buy them. I guess you will do this through publicity. Second, I am not sure if a lot of people will attend to this event since it occurs during a free block, during the week before the final week. Students have a lot to do during this time so I'm not sure if their priority is a magic show. Your idea is still great, the timing is not.

You guys have a very simple, yet interesting idea! It is great considering the small amount of time you would have to complete the project. Furthermore, it is a very original idea to do a magic show. Also, I like the fact that you guys are very well organized and know exactly what to do for your project : having the steps ready is necessary. Equally important is that your goal is clear, and therefore, you know where you are headed clearly.
However, one of my concerns is the interest of people in this project. Do you have enough experience in magic ? Are you comfortable to perform in from of big crowds? The action research project is supposed to be presented on the 29th... Maybe you should do it earlier?
If ever you need some advertisement, I suggest you go like the Facebook Page "Change in Green" and send them a private message. They will be able to post your event on their page and promote it for all the Champlain students to know.

First of all, I think that this project is very unique and out of the ordinary. Bringing a magician in order to entertain students might be a total success. However, in order to attract more students, an idea would be that the magician should present a few tricks as a sneak peek of what he will perform at the show. This would give a chance to the students to have an idea of what they’ll be paying for.
Moreover, the price of the ticket was not included in the outline even though it is an important aspect that will determine if people will attend the show and how the other projects will be supported. Since many full-time students don’t make a lot of money, tickets should be at a low price. However, what price is high enough in order to provide a good support to fund other team’s projects and interest students at the same time? How will the money be distributed? Who decides which teams get the money?

Your action Research project is very different from the other one and that makes it for me more interesting. For your team, how many tickets are expecting to sell? Your goal was well explaining. You didn’t mention the price of the ticket in your proposal. I know you are going to put this information in your posters but I was expecting to see it in your proposal. Because it is a very important information that needs to be accessible everywhere. With the funding which projects are you going to support? All projects or only one? I hope your magic show will be a succeed.

It's a really great project! The fact that you guys will organize a magic show will definitely attract a lot students. I think you could even ask some students if they want to participate in the show.Maybe the show will be more exciting and fun with their participation. However, students participation is not always a great idea since you sill have to make sure the quality of the show. I think our project could help you guys to promote yours, you can go like our Facebook page "Change in Green" or send a mio/message to Renata Mirza.

I think the idea is creative! I definitely haven't seen it done before so in terms of attracting student attention, it is definitely one that could work. I do think it would be beneficial that maybe you consider not using posters and instead asking if you could post an advertisement on omnivox. Dave Persons would be the person to contact. It would be a way to be greener, instead of using posters. Having a more detailed timeline might help you as well. Given that you've well laid out your tasks but not when they're supposed to be done, it leaves you with a very vague gap of a month. I believe having, perhaps, setting guidelines as to when you plan on getting parts of your project done will help you not potentially waste your time. This is definitely not the type of project that can be left to the last minute. Furthermore, more information about the show could've been helpful as well. In the tasks separated for 'the show', it's not specified if you are doing the magic of the show, or simply organizing it? Do you have people who are willing to take part in this show, if it's not you guys? Also including ticket prices could be helpful. Good luck with your project!

Great and original idea, I've seen some of your tricks Danyyil and I have no doubt that they'll be successful. I believe your project's going to surprise your audience and most definitely entertain them and give them a good time. Then again, I believe it'll attract a lot of audience, thus it'll also be helpful towards other projects with their need of founding. So you're indirectly also helping the environment by supporting other projects whcich is very good. I believe it's going to be a big hit so keep it up!

It is an original project to do as your main goal is to fund the Go Green and using magic to attract people is great! On the other hand, how will you do this magic show? Will you invite a magician, or will you do it yourself? I'm not sure whether you can actually entertain the audience with a performance that is questionable. Also, can you attract people to come see your show if the ticket costs too much money? If it seems overpriced, then most people won't go, which is why it is something to consider on. On the brighter side, I believe that if everyone in your team actually does their parts, it will indeed look realistic to do. Good luck on your project!