Random Errors in DNA Replication Play Major Role in Cancer ... What Else ?

by simon.martel24 on October 28, 2017 - 1:46pm

A lot of element can cause a cancer but one of them is particularly grabbing our attention: the “R mutations” or “random mutations”. In fact, two-thirds of mutations in human cancers are engendered by a random error in DNA replication and this happen even when the cells are completely healthy. This means that heredity and environment have a greatly lower impact on cancer mutation than everybody always thought. Up until now, R mutations have been neglect but these mutations need to be taken very seriously. This could explain why healthy people who are not smoking, eating healthy, exercising and with no cancer in their family history can be affect by R mutations that will eventually cause a cancer. But, this did not means that smoking or other environment cause have no more effect on cancer risk, they will rise the risk even if they are not the primary cause of cancer. In order the importance of R mutations, Bert Vogelstein and Cristian Tomasetti make some tests to determine the proportion of cancer that are caused by R, hereditary or environmental mutation. After analysing many cancers, they bring the conclusion that two-thirds of almost every type of cancer, even for breast and prostate cancer were attributable to random error during the DNA duplication process. Sadly, these R mutations are almost impossible to prevent so the only way to prevent cancer is again by being careful at our health and minimizing harmful environmental exposures. To sum up, these copying mistakes need to be taken very seriously because they are a powerful source of cancer, so scientist now have to work on finding a way to prevent every type of cancer.

Science and medicine are the two subjects that interest me the most. I really love the way science revolutionize the world every second with all these new discoveries and medicine help the way we, human, live and will be living for the next years.  These two combine together are, to me, the most important thing for all of humanity. As my mission is to find a way to help people that have a health problem so they can have a better life with the help of science, I can’t pass by this news about cancer and I want to be the one who will discover a way to prevent these kinds of cancer by combining science and medicine.

The contents of the article are very complete and interesting but the author didn’t bring on all the solution that can help curing or preventing these kind of mutation. For example, nanobots can be a very great way to cure cancer in the future and even preventing all kind of mutations so we will be able to act in time before anything happen.    


Link : https://www.aaas.org/news/random-errors-dna-replication-play-major-role-...



Greetings simonmartel.24, your enthusiasm for this subject comes through loud and clear! That definitely makes it more interesting to read when we feel that the writer is engaged with the issues and the subject matter. I also found your title very pertinent as well as very funny. What else?... indeed! It seems that every time I check the news, there is a new way we have discovered that cancer is killing us. Certainly, informing ourselves of the latest news is important, but I get discouraged in the face of such desperate times. Thus, the reason that your last comment is so crucial: You brought up a bright point by noting that nanobot technology could help the issue of mutations. And had that been included in the article on aaas.org, it would have perhaps eased the pain of reading another 'hard' news story. Great work!

Hey thanks ! I really appreciate the great comment ! I keep hoping that scientist will find a cure for all cancer soon and maybe I will be this scientist , who knows ;) I'm really interested by the subject and I hope that all of these cancer problems will not be a thing anymore in the near future !! thanks again for your comment :) Have a nice day !

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