Cancer: Slowly But Surely Walking Towards a Cure

by AlJazayri on September 17, 2017 - 7:15pm

Everyone has, at some point in their lives, got in touch with someone who had cancer. Cancer is a disease which is known to be really dangerous and hard to cure if, at all, possible. With high chances of relapse and the really weakening treatment that is chemotherapy, treating cancer really is a hard thing and scientist are always working to find a possible cure for it.

This article from Wolfgang Gruber, Tamara Scheidt, Fritz Aberger and Christian G. Huber talks about a new tool that allows scientists to "decipher the molecular [cancer stem cells (CSC)] programs" which would then enable them "to better understand cellular processes such as those controlling CSC." This is potentially an enormous jump for science as understanding these processes could allow scientists to counter or negate their highly negative impact on the cells and possibly be an immense door to improve the therapies that exist at the moment. 

It is obvious that the cure for cancer is not going to be found tomorrow, but discoveries like this one help to reinforce the already existing practices and get closer every day to the cure everyone is waiting for. 

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Hi AlJazayri,

I found your article really enlightening. The topic discussed is very important and relevant for the general public as cancer is a disease that can touch anybody. Certainly, finding the cure for cancer would be a huge (if not the most important) breakthrough in science and medicine of the century. The discovering of how to decipher the molecular programs to control and better understand CSC is certainly very interesting. Although, I personally find that the article does not develop enough on the new traitement breakthroughs that have been recently found. Perhaps, it could give place to do further research on the subject.

From my part, I have gone a bit more concrete regarding treatments which I think complements well the subject of research of your article. The following article develops on a new topic of research which uses programmed bacteria to destroy cancer cells. We all know how noxious bacteria can be, but there are certainly "good" bacteria that help us to perform several tasks (like yeast or guts flora). A group of researchers from MIT have been working on the creation of microcircuits which would permit to destroy cancerous cells more precisely. In fact, this bacteria is unharmful for humans by itself as it can be found in our liver. Although, what makes this treatment really interesting is the fact that cancerous tumors are very friendly environments for bacteria to grow. In addition, some trials have been performed on mice that have proved the efficacy of this treatment!

I would invite you to further read about the topic which, in my humble opinion, would allow you to enhance your knowledge on this matter and would complement the information found on your article. Here is the link:

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G. Kio Noriega

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