Racism Disguised as Freedom of Speech in Charlottesville

by Justin on August 29, 2017 - 1:25pm

An article written by Holly Yan, Devon M. Sayers and Steve Almasy, CNN, was posted on August 14th, 21017. On Saturday, August 13th, 2017, a rally named "Unite the Right" by Jason Kessler, was organized to protest against the removal of a statue representing a general of the confederation. The rally ended breaking up into fights between protesters and counterprotesters, where 19 people that were standing against this racism rally were injured, and one killed, by James Alex Fields Jr. who drove into the crowd of counterprotesters. This violent rally was not stopped in time to prevent such a dramatic incident from happening. Jason Kessler claims that the police is to blame for the violence of this rally. "The blame for today's (Saturday's) violence lies primarily with Charlottesville government officials and the police officers who failed to maintain law and order, protect the First Amendment rights of rally participants, and provide for their safety" Kessler said. In my opinion, you can’t expect a pacific manifestation when your rally is based off racism and hate. Both sides will eventually become aggressive towards each other. The free speech excuse should not be allowed to be used to oppress and intimidate others. Public manifestations of racism, hate speech, etc. should be stopped by force of law. More policemen should be sent to these rallies to ensurenothing like what happened in Charlottesville happens again. More people should get involved in going out and saying no to rallies like this, and show everyone that racism has no place in this world anymore.


Although I agree with your statements and find them very interesting, I believe you could get a lot more insight by reading this article by the Canadian Press on the CBCs website. It explains in great detail exactly what happened on that day, and, more importantly, very thoroughly goes into detail about President Trump’s speeches regarding the incident. Not only his words, but reactions in the room as well like Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’. The article includes the opinions of several other politicians like Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii who tweeted that Trump wasn’t his President. All in all, it is a great article to read if you want more information about the Charlottesville attack. The Canadian Press has won multiple awards like the Michener Award and the Charles Lynch Award, so no need to worry about reliability. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/trump-charlottesville-al-left-blame-violenc...

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