Hideki Matsui’s Baseball Life

by Tomoyuki on June 20, 2017 - 10:18am

The baseball is liked around the world. Hideki Matsui is one of the most famous, Japanese professional baseball players in the world. He was born in Ishikawa prefecture in 1974. He retired from professional baseball in 2012. Now, he is serving as New York Yankees GM special adviser. He is loved by many people around the world even now. Why do I think like this? This is because he has a great character. Along with this, I will introduce his teams, his records and his baseball life now.

First, I will mention his teams. When he was a fifth grader, he belonged to Neagari Boys Baseball Club. Then, he started playing baseball in earnest. Also, two years later, he entered Neagari junior school. He was a catcher in baseball positions during his junior high school days. However, he turned into a pitcher from the summer of his second year. Then, his total batting average exceeded sixty percent, and he had also released three consecutive games homeruns. When he was in third grade, the flight distance reached as much as one hundred thirty meters, and he often broke the softball. He is known as famous junior high school student and then he entered Seiryo high school in Ishikawa. He turned to the third baseman and he served as the No. fourth hitter from the first grade. He took part in Koushien many times. He hit sixty homeruns while he was a high school student. Moreover, after he graduated the high school, he became a professional baseball player and he joined Tokyo Giants. In 2002, he joined New York Yankees. After that, he joined other teams such as Angeles, Athletics and Rays. In other words, he played for a lot of teams and he made relationships through baseball with many baseball players. It made him a good player. Therefore, he changed his baseball life.

Secondly, I will write about his records. He kept great records year by year. He was rewarded home run leaders three times in Japan from 1998. In addition, he contributed to the best in Japan’s baseball when he was twenty years old. He was rewarded run batted in leader. Moreover, he was on the resister for ten years in Japan. After he joined New York Yankees, he got MVP in World Series in 2009. This is the best record that a Japanese baseball player has never got before. Finally, he won the people’s Honor Award in Japan in 2013 after he retired from a baseball. Thus, he made great records by himself. His records remain in baseball history.

Thirdly, I will refer to his baseball life. He had a lot of difficulties and he injured his arms when he was in New York Yankees. However, he tackled a course of physiotherapy. Then he made his effort day by day. After he returned the course of physiotherapy in 2006, he was hugely successful. He injured his body in another day, but he changed to chance for grow his baseball life. Also, in his retirement interview, he was asked the question for an interviewer. “What is the most impression thing in your baseball life?” Then, he answered like this. It is the time when he swung with Nagashima manager. Then, many people thought that he was a man of high caliber. Therefore, his baseball life is impressive and his baseball life was made by his effort. Many people will feel that “The effort doesn’t betray oneself.”.

Finally, I will introduce the reasons why I wrote about him. As for it, I have four reasons. One reason is he had never given up his baseball life. Second reason is he made his efforts every day. Third reason is he did try and error day by day. Fourth reason is to get over his difficulties. I respected him by this fourth perspectives. Many people will usually make their efforts for something at the moment. However, it is difficult for them to sustain their effort. Additionally, I was interested in his posture to achieve his goals. Consequently, I always respect him and he will be liked from many people around the world. He is having something that many people don’t have. As for it, I have the sense of respect to him.

In conclusion, I showed his teams, his records and his baseball life in this essay. He has a great character, so he is loved by many people around the world. Many people will usually make their efforts. However, it is difficult for them to keep efforts. I respected him for this perspective. He published his book as for his baseball life in 2003 and you can buy his book around the world. I am looking forward to meeting him someday.

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I have seen a movie about a baseball team in the past, which had Taiwanese players and Japanese players. They fought very hard to make their team famous, despite difficulties the team and their village faced. I think that it is not easy to become successful, and athletes always try very hard to reach the top. It is quite remarkable to see them overcoming their obstacles and becoming someone who will one day teach the others the lessons they learnt.

Hello, Tomoyuki! I'm Muscle Konishi! Your essay was so easy to read, which means your essay was great. I know about you are the person who didn't give up, so I suggest about your respectable person will be strong person. It was right. You chose Mr. Matui. He was the monster person who played the baseball. He already retired playing baseball in major league, but he did a lot of achievements in his baseball life. You have strong interests in his mind. You might become a strong person in the future likes him!
Thank you.

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