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by Haruta on June 21, 2017 - 4:59am


 Do you like music? I like music and there are many artists whom I respect very much. Today I would like to introduce a cool Japanese artist. His name is Hiroji Miyamoto. Do you know him? He is the member of band "Elephant Kashimashi". This band and vocal is very famous in Japan. There are many great artist in Japan, but many people respect him and the band. He produced many songs and there are many great points of him. Today, I want to introduce how great he is.

 Hiroji Miyamoto loved music when he was very small and he was good at singing. He started singing as a member of NHK chorus group when he was 10 years old. He recieved vocal music lead in the chorous group. His voice was very beautiful from this time and he was like a boy soprano star, so he could  realize solo debut. The debut single titile was "Hajimetenobokudesu". It was broadcasted as "minnanouta" in NHK. This single became a hit and that he was good at singing when he was a child. Most artists take time to be good at singing, also some people not so good at singing when they are young. I think it is the great ability of him. It is also wonderful his powerful voice is not  changed despite his age.

 He is the vocal of Elephant Kashimashi. The band was orgnized in 1981. The member was organized by junior and high school students. Before, their major debut, they could win many prizes. For example, CBC SONY, audition and so on, because thier music was so great because of thier strong performance and singing. However, after they debuted in 1988, but they could not produce hit songs. They belonged to EPIC/ SONY. They did their music activity for seven years, but they were fired in 1994. The reason of it was their songs were very maniac and aggressive, so people did not pay attetion to them. After that, they contined their music activity steadily. They produced thier songs and they did their lives. In 1996, they produced new song "Kanashiminohate". This song moved many people and it changed their image. This song was so positive that captured their future. Then, they moved to the PONY CANION in 1996. Next year, they produced thier best hit song "Koyoinotsukinoyouni". This song was the theme song of drama that is Tsuki no Kagayakuyorudakara in Japanese. After that, they produced more hit song. However, in 2012 Hiroji Miyamaoto became difficult in hearing suddenly, so they could not do music activity for one year. His ear was recovered soon, but he had to take a rest for a while. In 2013, they could restart their activity. In 2015, they produced "RAINBOW". It was a new hit song. This song was very powerful and recorded in album "RAINBOW ". It became the standard song of the live. In addition, this year is their anniversary year of 30th. They have concert in whole country. Many fans expect their concerts now. They produced many great songs for 30years, I think it is difficult to continue for many years without member change or break up, because many other artists often do member change or break up. I think their bonds are very strong. I want them to continue their activity for many years.

 He did a lot of music activites, but he also has experience as an actor. In 2000, he performed in drama that is "Friends". He decided to perform in this drama because of Kosuke Hamada made an offer to him. After he performed in this drama, he could get a prize of new excellent actor in 2000. After that, he did not performed until 2016 and he appeared varieties and documentary movie of Elephant Kashimashi, but he was main charactor in 2016. The drama was "Orenosensei". Many fans of Elephant Kashimashi were very excited. I think he is great that he also has abilites of actor. He always performs very sad role. I think when he performs these parts, he can express the sadness and makes people feel happy.

 In conclusion, he has many talents and produced many songs that were rich in variety. I think it is great and there are no band like Elephant Kashimashi. Many other artists admire and respect them. Some artists cover their songs. I noticed wonderful songs are covered by many people. I think their songs will pass down from generation to generation. When I went to their concert, I was moved very much. It was wonderful and that was great dynamism. Every day, I listen to their songs I am cheered by them for many times. Maybe, I will listent to their songs until I die. If you are interestead in them, please try to listen to thier songs!





At first, I do not about him and I just know the mane of singer because of you. I like music and every day I listen. These days I listen foreign music only so thank you for telling the great Japanese band. The man you wrote can also perform in movie and drama. I was surprised when I read he was singing on TV when he was just 10 years old. I like singing but I am bad singer. I am not good at it so maybe I have to learn how to sing from him.

I heard your favorite music band because you have always listened them music. However, I never listen their music, so I am going to listen. I know a little about Japanese music. If you can, I want you to tell me about Japanese cool musicians. In mu case, I especially like foreign music such as America, British and so on. Do you know any foreign music? If you do not, I will tell you!

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