My reapectable softball player

by Momoka on June 20, 2017 - 10:42am

Do you like sports? If you like them, what kind of sports do you like? I like many sports. I especially like softball because I have played softball for three years of my junior high school and enjoyed playing it and watching the games as well. At that time, I wanted to be a good softball player and I found a role model. Her name is Yukiko Ueno. she is a very hard worker and I respect her very much. Let me introduce the profile of Yukiko Ueno, her personality, her strength, and the reasons why I like her.

First of all, I want you to know her background. She was born on July 22nd, 1982 in Fukuoka City. She has played softball since she was a third year in elementary school, and her team won championship in the prefectural tournament. When she was in junior high school, her softball team won the national championship at a tournament. She joined world junior tournament even though she was the youngest person among other team members and contributed to the team’s victory. She was called “Oriental Express” by everyone at that time because she could throw a ball faster than anyone else even though she was young. In 2000, she was planning to participate in the Sydney Olympic Games, but she couldn’t join it because she broke her waist while taking PE class. The doctor at that time told her that it would be difficult to live even a normal life. To her joy, she was able to recover from her injury quickly. After graduating from high school, she took part in Nichidai Takasaki Softball Team and pitched a perfect game. She was chosen as the rookie of the year. In the Athens Olympic Game in 2004, unfortunately, her team lost to Australia. They got a bronze medal. She was not satisfied with it and expressed her frustration. At last, they could win championships and got gold medals in the Beijing Olympic Game. I watched it on TV and I still remember that I was impressed by that moment.

Now she is a member of the Japan’s women softball team called Big Camera. She is called “Uepi” by her fans and her friends. She wears the uniform number seventeen. She is a right handed pitcher and batter. She is 174 centimeters tall and weighs 72 kilograms. She always tries hard to build up her strength so that she can throw the ball faster. she can throw the highest speed of 121 km/h. She can throw not only fast ball, but also she can throw various kinds of balls such as screwball. Her control is very good. Utsugi Reika , her coach, said that her straight ball is the fastest in the world and her control is the best. I think she will keep playing softball as long as she can.
What kind of person is Yukiko Ueno? She is always smiling even if she is facing something difficult. She always makes us happy and cheers us up. She doesn’t give up easily. I think that this is very good because I am a negative person so I respect her attitude.

In conclusion, I introduced her profile, play style. This time I had researched her a lot, so I learned about her more than before. I hope she can play an impactful part in the Tokyo Olympic Game 2020. I have never watched her game., so I will go there if I can. I really would like to go, see her.



She is really impressive girl. I think I like her too. Girls who can do anything is something that I adore. I wonder how you like her so bad, but I think one of the reasons is you and her have same interest like sport especially softball. I wanted to play softball when I was a junior high school, but you know actually softball is not a famous sport in my country, maybe next time I wish I had a chance to play softball in Japan with classmate. I think joining softball team is required us to have equipment too, does not it? So I need to get money first so that I can buy uniform, shoes and so on. I hope can play softball in summer vacation.

Thank you for your interesting essay. It was very interesting while reading it. You like sports, right? I also like it. I am in favor of you, so I like her, too. I would like to be able to do like her, so I'll try. do you want to do like her? If you want, I'm looking forward to seeing you in the future. I think it is so good to goal something. I also think that I want to make efforts like her. So please continue to like watching, playing sports. I wish you act on the TV. Take care of yourself.

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