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by Paul on June 20, 2017 - 2:17am


Many people are laughing when they watch a comedy program on television, but there is one program that has the best comedian that could make us or especially me would laugh a lot. He is famous as comedian in Japan and also he is an actor for several interesting dramas that people used to watch. He is Jinnai Tomonori. Many Japanese people know him and I go to know him for the first time when I watched a Japanese comedy program on You Tube. His action of joking is very natural and it makes the people who watch him do not want to miss every single his episodes of comedy programs or even his drama movie series. He is my favorite comedian all the time and I think he and I have similar personality, so that is why this time I want to introduce Jinnai Tomonori.

He is a Japanese man and he is from a city called Kakogawa in Hyogo prefecture. He was born on February, 22 1974. His occupations are a comedian and presenter. He started the carrier when he graduated from senior high school. When he was a senior high school student, his talent as a comedian was known by his friends. His friends were not only laughing when Jinnai Tomonori told something stupid, but they felt lonely when Jinnai was not around them. Now, Jinnai Tomonori and his family are living in Tokyo. Even he got married and has a daughter, he looks pretty young as 20s. This is why most of the teenagers also like him.

The first live on the television was “Tomonori Jinnai vs Hagane Rock”. It was about battle jokes and talk show in 2000. His appearance looked different from now. He had casual fashion with long hair style. The first drama that he appeared as main actor was “10 Oku-en No Ryoushuu-sho” in 2003. He also wrote that drama promoted by TBS network.  As a comedian, he has many fans, because people like to laugh in every moment and his action on the stage is very dramatic as professional. It is one of the reasons why he always got promotion to cast drama or comedy movie series. In addition, he was also joining radio programs as guest in several radio stations with the title Onsuto, Midnight Yoshimoto Getsuyoubi, AM808. Majissuyo! and so on.  His communication skill with the funny appearance got the audience’s attention successfully. By the time he contributed his original character in entertainment carrier, apparently he became one of the comedian stars.

Starting a carrier as an entertainer is not easy as we think. The innovation of showing something funny will sometimes be boring if the other comedians already did, but Jinnai has known it, so the people who watched his comedy programs or even his drama series will get it. His expression is also unique than other comedians. It is the way that Jinnai has to keep his original character as the only one comedian. His lifestyle with the simple fashion by not showing expensive sport cars or big houses like every popular people commonly do to media, make me feel that he is the best comedian for me and he deserves the biggest star in Japan.

Watching comedy program is a choice to get more inspiration in the busy time or when we are in the bad mood somehow. By watching comedy programs we can laugh and reduce bad feeling for a moment. Besides, we know many comedian stars are having their own way to act funny. As statement above, Jinnai has different character that perhaps he is the only one who has simple appearance by the way he looks to get audience attention. It also proved by many achievements of awards that he got. If you do not like comedy programs, perhaps Jinnai’s program could be a choice that will make you interested in comedy programs because sometimes we need to laugh to feel this life meaningful.







You really love comedy and Tomonori Jinnai. I heard you really respect him before. I also like Tomonori Jinnai, but I did not know the talk show in 2000. I knowed him when I was an elementary school student. When I watched his comedy, I laughed a lot. Other comedian cannot produce such a interesting comedy like him. He produced the great performance by himself and thorow himself. Other comedian cannot perform like him. I respect him and I will watch the TV show in 2000 on youtube, but another Japanese commedian is also great, so I want you try various janl of commedy! Thank you.

I understand you really like comedy. I also like it, so I sometimes think that I want to go to see it with someone. I like laughing with watching. I'm no problem if there are so interesting. When I was so tired, it makes me feel better because I get to be fine when I laugh. How about you? I recommend that you should watch it when you are really sick. If we are so happy, we get to be able to do the best, I think, so please continue to likeing it. Your essay is so interesting. I'm looking forward to reading your essay. Take care of yourself. Thank you.

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