The Respectable Commander in Japan

by Muscle Konishi on June 20, 2017 - 2:19am

Is there anyone you respect or admire a lot? I think most people have at least one person they respect or admire. A respected person could help us to get the motivation to pursue our dreams. I have one person who I highly respect and I want to recommend him. It is “Isoroku Yamamoto” who is the respectable commander in Japan. His mind and the quotations always help me find some hints about my life. I’m going to write about his life, the reasons why I respect him and one wonderful quotation he left.


Isoroku Yamamoto had spent very dense life, so I’m going to write down about the main part of his life. Isoroku Yamamoto was born in 1884 in Niigata prefecture. His family was the military family, so he studied about the military systems and he went to America to study more skills. After he came back to Japan, he became a Naval Air Division commander and commanded the Union Fleet. During the pacific war, he tried to make the strategy to win USA with Tyuiti Nagumo who was the commander of Mobile fleet. However, in the Midway Naval battle, Japan lost many air craft carriers and battle ships, then he convinced the defeat of Japan. He started the frontline inspection with his crew members. Finally, he was killed in Bougainville by USA fighter while he was watching the situation there. From these, I inferred that he was a the very good model of soldiers and devoted himself to the country. He had spent very fiercely life.


In this part, I’m going to write about the reasons why I respect him. In 1940, Japan had big military power during the war. When Japan won the Baltic fleet, Heihatirou Tougou, who was the commander the Japanese fleet and he commanded the Japanese fleet. He had great skills of naval battle and trust from other soldiers and nationals. Many people knew about his quotation which is “Hitting the bull's-eye every time”. Isoroku Yamamoto adored him, so he studied hard and became a great commander of Navy. Now, I respect him and his doing, because he had a lot of trust from many people. In the first place, why and how he got a lot of trust? First, he was very smart and had a lot of skills to command the army. Second, he had a great leadership and demonstrate while the war. Third is he endured about all of things to survive from the war. From these three reasons, we can infer about he had very strong Iron Heart. The Iron Heart will make human strong. Therefore, I respect his iron heart mostly.


 Isoroku Yamamoto had lived in the very turbulent era, so his mind and life style could be very useful for our life. He left a lot of quotations to survive strongly. First, "People sometimes face hardships. They might be put into the situations where they want to complain, or they might be dissatisfied or annoyed. They might want to cry. However, they have to learn to get over all the hardships."  This quotation’s meaning is “Men should endure to become strong.”. This is the most famous quotation of his. From this quotation, we can understand the spirit of enduring and survive strongly in this world. Many young men in Japan at the present time can’t endure to working, studying and so on. I think, if they know and consider his quotation, they can become more strongly and make this county more strongly. Second, Isoroku Yamamoto had predicted the end of Pacific War, but he didn’t stop the war. Why he continued? He already knew about the American’s industrial strength and the nation’s power. He had studied in America when he was a student and he had learned about modern battle tactics in university there. However, he continued the war. Many experts have different interpretations of that, but I agree with this interpretation, which is “He wanted to make a stronger country than USA.”. That is to say, he was against huge enemy and never gave up. His mind and life style could be very useful for our life.


 Isoroku Yamamoto was the great commander who has great mind. He became the top of the Japanese navy and he commanded in many naval battles and won. However, he couldn’t win against America because of the USA’s industrial strength and nation’s power. He didn’t give up and gave a lot of quotations which are useful for people living at present. Therefore, his mind and thinking will help us overcome difficulties in our life.




There are many people from the historical years who have left very precious memories and advice to the modern people. I think that many people should learn from them. A lot of people have fought fiercely during the war, and I hope that another war will never happen again. People like him are quite rare these days, and young people should learn from them their good points.

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