Trump's new executive order

by Megan on May 8, 2017 - 5:03pm

This article summarizes the new executive order signed by President of the United States, Donald Trump. This ban basically prohibits citizens from 6 nations to enter United States. Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya are the six concerning countries.


On January 27, Trump’s first version of executive order was proposed to the court. Originally this order was to band incoming immigrants from the six countries mentioned above. The court was not able to accept this ban, therefore Trump said that he would rethink its executive order and come back with new ideas.


After the first version of the order was reconsidered, the second version came out. This new order pursued the main goal of the first one which was to ban immigrants from the six concerning countries. The new ban was that a 90-day suspension was imposed on traveller. Of course, this executive order was exempting current residents and visa holders. The new order was also cutting the number of refugees to the United States from 100,000 to 50,000. Moreover, Trump considered the possibility to expand its band on many other possible threatening countries. This executive order is considered as “Mr. Trump’s America first pledge to safeguard against what he has portrayed as a hidden influx of terrorists and criminals”.


Not everyone is in favor of this order. Chuck Schumer, The Senate Democratic leader of New York, mentioned that this order was an un-American and mean-spirited act. Furthermore, Margaret Huang, the executive director of Amnesty International USA, think that this order puts fear and concerns a lot of families.


According to the New York Times, none of the terrorists from the recent attacks were from either Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria nor Libya. The majority of them are citizens form the United States.


I understand that the government wants to protect its country by restricting the immigration system. However, I do not think that it is necessary to put the burden on every citizen from these nations. Canada’s immigration policy is more accessible and simple, we are way more open with the idea of welcoming incoming immigrants and helping them out. By doing so, we stimulate our economy and increase the multiculturalism in our society. Even though we welcome a big amount of people from other countries, the rate of terrorist’s attacks still does not increase. Was Trump’s executive order a little bit too extreme? Why did he decided to band these countries? When will Trump realize that he is one of the causes of all of these problems? 


Glenn, Thrush. "Trump's New Travel Band Blocks Migrants From Six Nations, Sparing Iraq." The New York Times, 6 Mar. 2017, Accessed 7 April 2017. 


As soon as you see Trump in the title of any article or video you just have to read or watch whatever is going to happen. It is always very interesting what sort of ideas the new President of the United States is going to come up with. This is one of those ideas that is ridiculous and there is no reason for a ban like this to happen. As you said in the article, New York Times researched that none of the attacks in recent years were from any of those countries which makes the ban useless if what he is trying to do is to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks. The ban is non sense because there will always be crazy people doing crazy things and when there are mass shootings going on in your own country why do you worry about other cultures coming into the country when your own people are creating more deaths and tragedies than the six countries involved. Every human should have an opportunity to seek a better life for themselves and by banning six countries to travel to the U.S. you are stopping dreams of young people that want to make a difference in this world. I do not see any positive coming out of this ban and there are more important things to worry about than six innocent countries not allowed to travel to the U.S.

it makes no sense, he is trying to create discrimination and hate amongst people, by banning a certain of people based on their believes. This will cause distrust between Americans and also promote racism. Although Trump is known for those type of remarks, he still must control his emotions so it doesn’t affect United States image. Second, zero act of terror has been committed by immigrants coming out of those specific countries, Saudi Arabia has done more damage to the country than those countries. Saudi Arabians were affiliated with the terror attack on 9/11, the well-known terror group Al-Qaeda was originated from Saudi Arabia and even Osama Bin Laden was from there and yet they are not on the list. This list is more than just a ban, it represents the control and dominance of US in Middle East. They want to control the oil supply. They want to create a pipeline which goes through Qatar, Syria and Turkey to Europe. The ban has nothing to do with terrorism, it is a simple way of making money and stabilizing the US dominance. If this was not the case, they would’ve spend more time on repairing their control rather than wasting their time on a lost cause. Untrained police force has killed more Americans than terrorists. The number of gun violence has increased dramatically throughout the past decade. Before being a world police, they should fix their own issues first.


I decided to read and comment your article because this executive order, often called Muslim ban, created a major contradictory discussion within the US. Your text clearly explained this current issue.

For myself, I think this executive order is unfair and jumps to conclusion way too easily. The government proclaims that these countries are responsible for the most majority of the terrorist attacks but when we look deeper into the stats, we clearly see that this affirmation is wrong. Blocking 6 hole countries to immigrate in the US because of a fear of what they could do is totally inhuman. If it's a question of reducing the number of immigrants, we could might understand but even there, banning all the citizens is unrealistic. People are suffering and are in danger in those lands and need to be able to get out of there to a safer place, like the US, but this order makes it impossible. I know there are tensions are fear between those countries since the 9/11 incident but in my opinion, it's really unfair to treat 6 complete countries for the actions of a very percentage of the population.

They want to stop the attacks by blocking this immigration, but don't you think it will only increase the tension that is rapidly growing between these countries and the US? Can it might just bring more problems?

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