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by tachibana on May 9, 2017 - 2:43am

Do you have a place which you calm down your mind? I think that the place I would like to visit is the place I can calm down, so I chose one prefecture. I will introduce you about the prefecture which I would like to visit and I have never been to there. It is difficult for me to choose one prefecture, because I want to visit many place, but I chose one. It is Hokkaido. I tell you why I want to visit there and what I want to do there.

I will tell you about why I want to visit there. Hokkaido is the biggest and most cold prefecture in Japan. I think Hokkaido is special, so I am interested there from the beginning. If I can go there, I want to go in April or May. I heard the cherry blossoms bloom late at Hokkaido, so I enjoy the cherry blossoms in the park in Hyogo prefecture in March or April, and I enjoy the cherry blossoms in the park again in Hokkaido in April or May. I have a place I want to go to. It is Goryoukaku Park. There I can see the cherry blossoms lighted up at night. The period is from late April to mid-May. I like Cherry blossoms, so first reason is I want to see Cherry blossoms for a long time.

I also feel like going to winter, because I want to ski. Do you know that snow is very white and beautiful in Hokkaido than the main island? I want to see white and beautiful snow and ski before I die. Especially, I want to go to “Snow Cruise Onzu”. It is a very famous ski resort. There, I can see ocean view when I ride a lift. In my image, ski resort is in the mountains, so I think a ski resort where I can enjoy both mountains and ocean is unusual. It is very attractive for me because I like the ocean.

I have the third reason. It is about fresh seafood cuisine. Actually I do not like seafood, because fish’s smell is not good, and I think it is not delicious. My grandparents are fish shop owners, and they gave my family fresh fishes from Hokkaido. Maybe it was salmon and sea urchin. When I ate them, I was very surprised. I thought that I do not knew delicious fishes like them. I think that I want to eat again. I will tell you my plan about eating fresh fishes. First, I go to Hokkaido with my grandparents, because they know delicious fish and they can cook very well. We go to morning markets, and buy many fresh fishes. I ask fishermen some good recipes, and then I will ask my grandparents to cook them. Especially I want to eat tuna, because my parents like it so much. They always recommend me it, but I cannot eat. I want to eat tuna. If I live in Hokkaido, I can eat tuna.

Hokkaido has some good places. Hokkaido is a wonderful place Japan is proud of. It is blessed with nature, so if I go there, I can calm down. I wrote just 3 things. I do not know Hokkaido deeply, so I want to know. If I am able to visit Hokkaido, I will do all things which I want to do.



I could deepen knowledge by reading your essay. I have been to Hokkaido once. When I was a junior high school student, I went to Hokkaido. As for the reason, my brother took part in karate’s national meeting, so I went there. In addition, then I went there for the first time, so I could enjoy there well. Also, there are a lot of rich nature in Hokkaido. Moreover, I like cherry blossoms, too. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful, so I can relax. By reading your essay, I felt that I want to go to Hokkaido again. If I have time, I will go there.

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