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by Alec97 on March 24, 2017 - 2:53pm

Journalism is an important part of our society. It helps people to learn new elements, new ideas about different subjects. It is the reason why I want to show the people interested how to become a sports journalist, because sports journalism is also one of the most important parts of the medias. The students will need to know some terms and materials related to this domain and will need to follow these five steps: develop his writings skills, become a sports maniac, gain experience, get a journalism degree and find a job.


First, journalism can be a very specific field of work. There are some terms or expressions that a journalist must know if he wants to succeed. “Off the record” represents privileged information said by the person a journalist is talking to. He cannot use the information said off the record, because the person will lose confidence in him. A “lead” is the most important part of your text. It introduces the subject and it needs to be a “punchline”. “Beat” is the place where the journalist is appointed. For example, a beat reporter follows a sports team in each city they are going. A sports journalist does not need any specific materials, but a cellphone and a computer are must have materials, because a journalist will always be in contact with the people.


Step 1: Develop Writing Skills

To be a sports journalist, knowing how to write is the most important element. One of the best ways to develop your writing skills is reading. So, a future journalist needs to read a lot. It will also help is general knowledge, which is well seen in the field.


Step 2: Become a Sports Maniac

A future sports journalist needs to watch sports and to read about sports all the time. He cannot be specialized in only one sport, he must know at least the basics about the major sports in is country or nearby. For example, if he is from Canada, a good sports journalist knows about the sports in the United States.


Step 3: Gain Experience

Each occasion he has, the student must take it, even if it is an invitation to a sport he does not love. The more he will write, the better he is going to be. He can also write in his free time and practice with games that are playing on TV.


Step 4: Get a Journalism Degree

A future journalist must have a degree in journalism or in communication to become a Sports Journalist. He can even study to get a degree in Sports Journalism. He should never forget to watch and to read about sports during his studies. It is the key. The apprentice will have plenty of time to work on his abilities in school.


Step 5: Find a Job

The journalist now needs to find a job that he loves and related to sports he also loves. He will not start at the top of the ladder, but he will climb it with hard work and dedication.


In conclusion, becoming a sports journalist required to know some terms related to the field of communication, like “off the record” or “lead”. The future sports journalist also needs to know to have a cellphone and a computer. It is suggested to be a sports fan, because it is easily the best way to improve your knowledge. It is also very nice! 


Image source : http://www.casm-acms.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/sports-journalism.jpg


I really enjoyed your step by step structure. I think it makes it easy to read. I would have liked some explanation about the words in you conclusion. You text is colorful and it is interesting.

I learned a lot of new things about sport journalisim by reading your text. I almost gave me the envy of become one of them. Your text is verry interesting and well explain, Good job!

I really liked the description of the specific words you give in your second paragraph. It makes it easy to understand for the people that do not know these terms. I find your conclusion a little bit short. I would have loved to see a summary of your steps. I like the fact that this text represent you and that we can see you like sports, good job!

The use of specific terms give credibility to your recommendations. Even if you use these words, it is still easy to understand the integrality of your steps. The only thing that I find too simple is the last step. I would have personally chosen another step to describe because I found it quite obvious. But, the structure of your text and the presence of many transition words were simply awesome!

Hi Alec97 ! You text is my favorite. It is so well explained that I feel like a true journalism juste by reading your work. Your introduction is well written and makes us hooked to your text. However, I feel like you could've gone in more details in some of your steps, some little tiny details are missing. Overall, though, it is a really nice process explanation and, even if there was some words really specifics to your field, you never left us hanging without a quick etymology explanation.

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I graduated 3 years ago from the College de Jonquiere. During my last year in Saguenay, I was a journalist at the newspaper La Pige and I was running a sport show at CKAJ, the local radio station in the city. Since then, I worked 4 years at RDS, where I was a news reader and a reporter.