The Base of a Good Pitch

by selenajoly on March 24, 2017 - 2:21pm

In publicity, the advertising agencies have to deal with a lot of clients and work really hard to obtain contracts. The most requested skill by theses agencies is the ability to be a good orator. The pitch is the most important aspect of your campaign; learning how to deliver a clear and dynamic presentation is the key to obtaining contracts. No matter how strong an idea is, the way to present it can change its value to the client. To create a good pitch, the preparation and the structure need to be well planned.


The first step is to prepare your pitch. The pitch is a persuasive speech for selling an idea or a concept to a client. To sell this idea, visual support is a good tool. Preparing a Power Point and model of the visual campaign will help to illustrate the concept and the client will be able to picture it. Another aspect of the preparation is to be well-dressed and professional. The first impression is everything in a presentation. It is important to avoid negative judgment. The client needs to focus on the presentation, not on the look. The best advice to follow for a good pitch is to practice it. Be more than prepared, be an expert on the subject. With a good preparation, the pitch will be less stressful.


The second step is the structure of the pitch. To send a strong message, it needs to catch the attention and be clear. When the orator is opening his presentation, he starts by a dynamic presentation of him-self and a strong hand-shake. He continues by reminding what the client requested, what the task was. For introducing his concept, it is good to show his global research on the client’s competition. It permits to show how his idea is different. Showing his personality and his skills develops the trust of the client for the orator’s concept, because he looks like a hard-worker and a professional. To present e main idea of the campaign, it is good to show the visual support and explain every detail of it to the client. Interaction is good: let the client ask questions. The only aspect of the presentation that can go wrong is losing the client’s interest. To avoid that, use dynamic words and let the client give his opinion. It is never too late to catch up. Finally, a good orator will finish his pitch with strong words so his concept will stay in the client’s mind.


To conclude, the best way for an orator to be chosen by a client, is if he prepares his pitch and organizes it. Being confident is a good attitude: it is a selling pitch. Also, the non-verbal is a strong language; use it as a tool to prevent for a boring presentation. An orator that believes in his idea and that can convince an audience is the most-wanted person in the world of publicity. Be that person. 


Really good text! I think I would have prefer a step by step structure. It helps the reader to define each step. Otherwise, your explications are clear and you go right to the goal. Verry good!

Great article! I like how you divised your text in four clear paragraphs, it helped me to understand more easily the idea of each paragraphs. Nevertheless, your article would have been more attractive with a picture. I think that if you add a picture, this article would be perfect!

Hi Selena,
You have a very clear and very well made text. I loved the emphasis you put on it. However, I think you should've added some subtitles to your text. It would have made it even better in my opinion. Don't get me wrong though, your text is a diamond hidden in a rock. With visuals and subtitles, it would have been perfect. Great job! I loved it!

Your text is very clear and concise. You used a simple vocabulary and that way, it is simple to understand for an uninitiated to publicity. The subject is interesting because we can apply some of your tips to our daily life. It would have been a good idea to write smaller paragraphs so the text looks more airy, but it is really just a detail.

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