The Internet Marketing Strategy

by jeannereid14 on March 26, 2017 - 3:52pm


Humans consume more and more because of all the publicity that are done. The strategies that are used to make people buy are better and better. The tendency that is growing so fast right now is the online marketing, but since it is a new strategy people do not use it properly. There are some steps that need to be done to make sure that the campaign will work: the study of the competitors and the market, the name of the brand, the social media chosen and the final evaluation.


There are many actions to do when the online marketing strategy is needed. First, a study of all the competitors is essential for the campaign. It is important to know everything about them: the publicity they have done, the social media they used and the number of people their campaign reach. A study of the market is also necessary to know everything about the right public target, to know everything that has been done and to know about the trends that are going on. Furthermore, it will be easier to choose the right strategy to use for your campaign. After, the development of the brand and of the image can start. Once everything is done (the profile picture of the social media, the poster and the video of the product) it is time to create all the social media chosen for the campaign. Then, it is time to post the video and the poster. It is the right time to launch your campaign. Some people think that once the campaign is launched there is nothing more to do, but they are wrong. Everything is just started. Someone needed to make sure they is no controversy that is coming (insulting a competitor or plagiarize a campaign). This person also needed to have a plan if something happen. The good part with the online marketing is that it is not expensive and many people can be reached in a short matter of time. But all those advantages can become disadvantages if something is going wrong. This is why someone need to follow everything that is going on with the campaign. Finally, once the campaign is done, an evaluation of everything is crucial: the number of people the campaign reach, the cost of the campaign and a list of all the things that went well and the things that went wrong. This is very important to make sure the next campaign will be better.


In conclusion, it is important to make sure that all the steps have been done. In this way the company is making sure that no controversy will happen and that everything is done the right way. The most important thing for an online marketing strategy is to stand out from competitors. If all the steps are done correctly the campaign could be seen in the whole world. 


Good text! It clearly explain how to make an online marketing strategy. However, I think I would have prefer a step by step structure. It would have help the readers to easily understand each steps. Otherwise, your text is simple and I would definitely recommand it to someone who needs help to make an online marketing strategy.

It's an interesting article that sums up a complex process. The content is present, however a point-by-point presentation would have been preferable to talk about this topic. I find the way to write interesting, and I would recommend the article for the curious!

I really liked your article, since i have some interest in business it was very useful. However, like some of the other people that did a feedback I think a point by point or a paragraph for each step would have been easier to follow. But, i think you did a great job.

Thank you Jeanne for all the detail that you had gave us. I particularly liked your introduction. I found interesting to talk about the general consummation of people. However, i will have prefer a clearer structure to help my read. But, you did a great job!

Hi Jeanne!
Your text is very pertinent and really covers the subject entirely. I am sure that i could be useful for young web entrepreneurs. However, a lighter structure (bullet points or step-by-step) would have made it clearer.

Good Job

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