Easy System at the Base of an Augmented Production

by Patrick_C on March 21, 2017 - 3:42pm

By cleaning and organizing a work station with a 5S system, the waste of time will drop and the production will improve. In Japan, all the improvements possible in any kind of production are a priority. By this idea, they created many concepts such as the 5S’s. The 5S is a system to fully organize a work station. This system is succeed when the five major steps are done. These steps are sort, systematize, sweep, standardize and self-discipline.

 Sort, the first step will consist in eliminating all unnecessary items from the work station. To arrive at the best result an analysis is important. On a grid, identify every item such as tools, materials and others, sort them by the frequency of their utilization and ask yourself some questions; why do you need this? Why is it at this place? Also ask operators to be sure and notice on the grid where each item should be on the work station. With the completed grid select the necessary items that will be placed at the next step and place the others in a hold area.

 Systematize, the second step’s goal is to organize the work station so the item the most used is the one nearest to the operator. Use customized support for tools and place them so the worker can take it easily and ergonomically. Movable plastic boxes are useful for the raw materials. Identify everything so the tools and materials will always return to their assigned place.

 Sweep, the clean-up step looks banal, but it is really important. Workers feel better in a clean place, they spent less time searching and are more productive. To succeed it is useful to create daily grids for cleaning and inspecting activity. Also operators must be informed of these grids and responsibilities. They should always clean-up the work station before and after their task.

 Standardize, this step will consist of helping workers with the new system and avoiding errors. They have many tasks to think about, so the more visual is controls and memos the les mistakes are made.

 Self-discipline, the last step’s goal is to bring the 5S system become a habit, it needs to be natural. Even if this system is fully in place it stays alive, it needs to be verified and improved every day. The workers are the best to improve the system so create a 5S main board for the station to show changes, further improvements, suggestions and any problems.

 To conclude, this system is one logical way to improve any kind of production. The five main steps are important to succeed, sort, systematize, sweep, standardize and self-discipline. After these and keeping the 5S alive the profit will be showed.


Good article, very well explained! It is clear and get our attention! However, I think the conclusion is a little too small, but beside that, this is really awesome!

Good article, the method has been well defined and explained. However, it would have been interesting to have a more open conclusion. But generally, it is a well written article.

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