American Healthcare System Needs to Change

by emilyboiteux on February 10, 2017 - 10:34am

In the passed year people signing up for health insurance has decreased in America from passed years. In the news summary, “Affordable Care Act Sign-Ups Dip amid Uncertainty and Trump Attack” written by Robert pear and published by The New York Times. The New York Times is a reliable source because as publisher and executive editor Arthur Sulzberger Jr said, the company’s goal “is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor.”

The article is about how and why people are not signing up for the “Affordable Care Act.” Pear writes that, “a decline of more than 4 percent from the total of 9.63 million people who signed up through at this time last year.” Healthcare in America is very divided at this moment with those who were a part of Obamacare saying that President Trump played a role in people not signing up for their health insurance. The article also mentions how President Donald Trump does not agree with the healthcare that is available at the moment and would like make his own healthcare system that would benefit all Americans.

As a Canadian who has benefited from the Canadian healthcare system greatly by being allowed to have access to operations and access to doctors, this article is a disappointment to me. Now, the United States is disagreeing on different Healthcare systems that would help the population without coming up with any ideas to fix them. This is an issue that could potentially affect millions of Americans because they are not getting healthcare. Without healthcare people, will not be accessible to treatments that could be beneficial to them.

To help end the disagreement on different healthcare system the American population should join a healthcare system that is most beneficial to them. Americans should be allowed to make their own decisions without having to be worried about the repercussion.



Very interesting, and important topic to discuss. This article in the Atlantic elaborates on the problem with Obamacare, and why people seem to be rejecting it. It says that Obamacare essentially has a branding problem, and not a problem with policy (An interesting point to look at) I thought it might be an interesting side to look at, and could potentially enrich your post!

Your content is very good and has lots of information that really helps prove that your opinion is the right opinion. From personal experience from family living in the United States and visiting, I have had a few encounters with the American health care system for example a family member who was injured while on vacation was not able to afford to pay for the treatment he needed so we were forced to send him money to pay for a treatment to fix his broken leg. So in the end I do agree with having healthcare that is free or cheeper. Although this also does have its disadvanteges such as higher taxes and longer lines because of the fact that it is free and people will go to the hospital for whatever reason. In the end I do think that the advantages out way the disadavantes and I think you have a valid point.

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I am a first year student at Champlain College of Saint-Lambert. I hope to see that the next world leaders that are elected will be fair to their people and put there needs first and help make a change in the world and not destroy it