Standing Up By Kneeling Down

by cec7795 on October 3, 2016 - 10:50pm

This article originally stood out to me because it was written by the player himself. I thought that this would provide a unique insight along with a clear understanding of the message being made. This all started during the preseason of the NFL where Colin Kaepernick decided he would kneel down during the national anthem in protest to police brutality and systematic racism. 

Fast forward to September eleventh of this year when the NFL’s regular season kicked off many players joined in on this protest and decided to kneel down during the anthem. Micheal Thomas is one of these players, after the game he is met with some anger and disgust on social media. He addresses this in his article saying that he realizes the reason for some of the backlash is because the flag was seen as a sign of unity following the tragic events of 9/11. He states that what he is doing is not because he is anti-american, police or veterans or because he wants personal attention but because that he could no longer stay silent on the issues of social injustice. I really appreciated his insight because he mentions this was a decision came after much personal reflecting about how still show love for his country while standing up for the communities he came from. Overall I though that Michael Thomas did an excellent job writing this piece and I really appreciated getting to see the players point of view. 



This post stood out to me because the article was about an athlete. I didn’t think that the post would mention any athletes, football players or not. I like how it’s about a man standing up by kneeling down. I haven’t heard of that way of standing up to people. People normally literally stand up, chain themselves, or stand in front of machinery. So, this post stood out to me because of the way Micheal Thomas stood up.
I was a little surprised with the content of the article that had been chosen. I’ll admit, I didn’t think that a football player would make the papers for kneeling down. I’ll also admit that I don’t fallow the news much, so this was news to me. It did make me think that players in whatever sports they play, that they too can be misunderstood from time to time.
The article that has been chosen touched something that we spoke about earlier this semester. It briefly talks about minorities. We have spoken about minorities in our class and how they get the brunt of any type of racism. One thing that Micheal Thomas mentions is that they come together in football. You don’t hear a lot of that which was nice to read.
I chose to read the article itself because the author of this post peeked my interest. I like the word play in the first sentence of the second paragraph in the post. That really caught my attention. But what really got me to read the article is the discription of the article’s content. It wasn’t too long, nor was it too short. It had the right amount of content in it to get me to read the article. I liked both the article, and this post.

To start, the reason why I choose this article is the intriguing title "Standing Up By Kneeling Down". I did not quite understand why the title was chose until I read the short text of the studentcec7795. The other reason why I choose this article is because of the topic. I am a huge fan of the NFL and I found it awesome that an all those players decided to kneel down during the national anthem in protest to police brutality and systematic racism. In addition, I think that what Michael Thomas did was very courageous. He refuses to stay in silence when injustice thing happen towards black people or any other "race". As seen in class, there is no "race" and we should do something to erase completely any act of racism. I believe that people should get together and fight for racism. In addition, people with great influence just like the players in the NFL should get together and fight for this ethical issue. Finally, I decided to read the article to have more information about this topic. I agree with what cec7795 that Michael Thomas did a excellent job written this piece.

I was attracted to this post because of the title. I liked the way you used the words up and down in the title. After reading the original post, I found it very interesting to learn that many were disgusted about the fact that Michal Thomas did his action on September eleventh. They perceive his action as if the attention was no longer on families touched by the tragic event but now on his action during the national anthem. As Michael Thomas mentioned in his article, this action to kneel down was not an option, but a personal decision to demonstrate solidarity. Also, I don’t think it was his personal intention to do this the same day of the September eleventh attacks, but more a question of timing with the beginning of the NFL’s regular season. When you said that he could no longer stay silent on the issues of social injustice, it made me think of the concept of systemic racism. Systemic racism consists of policies and practices that result in the exclusion of specific groups of people. In this case, it can be applied to minorities that are fighting for justice. These minorities are facing racial, social and economic inequalities and this is why Michael Thomas and others players of the Miami Dolphins kneel during the national anthem. They want a real change with concrete results about these inequalities.

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