Trump for the Greater Good?

by s.pelletier on September 13, 2016 - 12:04am

The first article that I choose is called “Millions of Ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here’s why”.  As you can imagine, this article tries to show to his reader some reasons concerning the fact that Donald Trump has so many supporters. Thomas Frank makes it clear from the beginning that he is not a supporter of Donald. Hence, by listening to many Trump’s speeches, he finally understood why a lot of Americans are in favour of Trump. During his numerous speeches, Trump doesn’t talk about white supremacy, to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, or how Muslims should not be allowed in the country. The biggest part of his speeches focus on trades. Trades are definitely his biggest concern; he talks about that all the time.  Also, Trump talks about legitimate issues, even issues that could be called leftwing. He has other leftwing ideas other than trades such as drugs and how his government could «start competitive bidding in the drug industry ». According to Thomas Frank’s article, another major justification of voting for Trump given by his supporters is the way that he talks, which is based on his persuasive attitude. Finally, Americans think that he is confident and that’s good for a president.

The second article his totally against the politician Donald Trumps; the title can tell: “Donald Trumps Is a Terrible Politician”. Brian Beutler, the author, shows to his readers his arguments by pointing some examples of his incompetency. The major argument surrounding the article is Trump’s inaptitude on the political level. As a journalist named Khizr Khan argued, Beutler approached the idea that Trump doesn’t even seem to have read the constitution. As a matter of fact, Trump repeatedly said things that are totally unconstitutional. One of the most important parts of being a politician in the run for being the next president is to know your constitution; it’s the root of the United States. The worst part is that, according to Beutler’s article and arguments, Trump doesn’t even seem to care. After being asked by a Khan if he had read the constitution, Donald accused the journalist of attacking him and that it was unfair of being asked that. Trump didn’t even response to defend himself. He just let things go and don’t even care of being humiliated in front of the United States. Basically, the article tries to demonstrate how incompetent and ridiculous Mr. Trump is.  

The moral/political principle of the both article is “always act for the greater good”. In the first article, we can observe that principle in a sense that a lot of people are in favour of Donald Trump and he has some positive points on the political side. He would probably do some good political decision if he were elected. So it’s important to respect the conviction of a lot of Americans. I know this is not the perfect principle for this article but it’s kind of hard to find a good side to Donald Trumps in a moral way. The value here is conviction. Some people have the same conviction has Trump and they deserve to be respected has much has any other conviction. In the second article, we have the opposite. The author thinks that electing Donald Trumps would do the opposite of doing the greater good. He thinks that someone else would be in a better place to do the greater good for the country. The value here can be the country, if you want the best for your country and you want the safer, most equalitarian and most respected country in the world, you need to think about who you chose as your president.  In my opinion, I don’t think that Trump would do the greater good. Maybe some of his political idea would be good but he is not a politician and his ideas are way to extreme. I don’t think that he really knows what he his doing. Di you think that Donald Trump could somehow do the greater good?


Hi! Think that your article is very interesting because it talks about our current political issues.
I think that your premise would need justification because you are only demonstrating YOUR opinion on Trump s ideas. You are not showing any examples or proofs that his ideas are extreme. That said, your premises are more suppositions and in my opinion not very strong... However , I really enjoyed reading your article!

Your topic really caught my eye as it is definitely a very controversial and debated issue at the current moment. I agree with the fact that Donald Trump would not be a good president because he is an extremist as you had mentioned, as well as not being a real politician before running for the elections which makes his credibility not so legible. I would quite frankly be scared if Donal Trump became president, especially because i live there part time, it will for sure be affecting me directly. I value credibility a lot and Trump is not the best candidate in my opinion. I really enjoyed reading the two different views you had presented! Now here is my question to you, how do you feel about Hillary Clinton?

You have an excellent topic that is quite controversial and modern. I found your first article weaker than the second although you clearly expressed yourself. I also agree with you that Trump should not be president since his moral or reason for presidency are not quite clear. I want also add that Trump started many small businesses that did not succeed at first, look at his universities for examples. So is Trump on another project, should as becoming the President of one of the most powerful country on Earth just to accomplish something else? Donald Trump is at the base a businessman, he has no training/ education in politics. Therefore if Trump becomes president, is he gonna prioritize businesses such as his over others? Thus acting toward his best interest over acting toward the greater good. Knowing Trump is a businessman running for presidency, where he received no education and does not know the basic and like you said, the constitution. Therefore, would you ask your plumber to prescribe your medications?

I can remember when Donald trump began to run for president over a year ago. I found it amazing. I found him to be a true breath of fresh air because as all of us can see, he really does say whatever he wants to as apposed to every other politician who seemingly has to talk to a group of 40 analysts before being be to say anything. Unfortunately for Trump, he seems to forget or switch positions every other week stripping him of all credibility. Not only that, but Trump clearly does not have even close to a good enough knowledge on politics to even be in the position he is. All trump has going for him, all that he has ever had going for him is his incredible way of speaking with more conviction than anybody els. You have never heard anybody sound so sure of himself. The man could almost convince you that clouds are purple.

Now this is a topic that many people are talking about today. It's definitely a controversial topic, as we near closer to the elections. Nevertheless, it was a good read, very well structured. The second article really makes a stronger argument compare to the first. Trump evidently doesn't have much experience in politics, all he really does is add fear and more fear of allowing people into the country that we don't know. So many people side with him because they're afraid of what might happen, which is exactly what he wants. He has little experience in making proper priorities, such as healthcare or education. So, if Trump does get in, what real benefits will he offer besides "keeping the muslims out"?

I find the subject really interesting because it describes both point of views regarding Donald Trump political campaign. I find that both articles are relevant to the subject but the first article has less information than the second one because according to me, Trump followers can not find any arguments giving him an advantage in the campaign to presidency. There is something missing in this article because they are no clear examples of what people that are supporting Trump of what he does good. I think that Trump should not run for presidency because a racist businessman that does not know how to run a country is really dangerous to the greater good of a country. I personally think that all the scenes during the campaign are aimed to his personal benefits and not to the benefits of its country. Would you let Trump run to the presidency if you consider that he is acting like Hitler did 50 years ago?