Legalizing marijuana?

by gabeeeb on September 14, 2016 - 1:09pm

Lately, the question about legalizing the accessible drug and bad drug that is marijuana in our country has been brought in the discussions of many people. First of all, it’s important to know that marijuana has many bad effects on people. It is actually really damaging for  the brain and it can also develop many bad diseases such has mental illnesses and even some physical pain. Nobody would wand to live with that. Second of all, with the marijuana that could become legal in our country, people could easily develop an addiction. When people have an addiction on something like drugs, they take the risk of losing their job and having bad relationships with their family members and friends. Finally, when deciding of the place that marijuana should take in our country, it’s important to know that it is damaging for the brain and it can provoke an addiction. 


I agree with you on the fact that marijuana has bad effect on people, but I think that when it is use correctly, like in medical procedures, it should be legal. I mean, not everyone should be free to buy and use this drug, but if we think about it, it could help some people, and it could help doctors to find cure. It is sure that people will be crazy if it becomes legal, but if government install rules so that people could legally use it, it would already change the world. Young adults and even adults are being arrested for this drug, and it is quite scary to know that some are in prison for making a use of it, and that murderer are free when they killed somebody. Like I said, I agree with you on the fact that it changes people's mind and get them weird feelings, but I really think that government should install rules with the legalization of the marijuana and it would have a positive effect.

I agree with you at 90%, in a way, marijuana certainly can cause diseases and i have seen example of that. What I don't agree is that's already very accessible and cheaper. Legalizing would only make the drug safer to use for consumers because industries would be manage by the government. Otherwise, really nice text, very interesting point of view.

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