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by I Don't Know on January 4, 2016 - 11:04am

Neoliberal free trade is a net positive for humans across the globe that are living in poverty, but is a negative for people who are living in developed nations. The 14.8%(1) of people that are living in poverty in developing nations would benefit the most from free trade, as the goods become cheaper making it easier to live off of less money. Free trade would be good for developing nations and countries so that they are able to grow their consumer class as goods would be cheaper and more available. One the other hand, free trade would be bad for the US in particular because it would force the US to lose the edge that it has in the trade industry. By leveling the playing field there is no longer that one superpower like there is now, and the people in the US do not like the idea that we will no longer be the best. It would also be bad for the small farmers that are trying to grow goods that are in competition with other countries that have massive farms and are given subsidies so that they can live.

The effects of free trade on the planet would harm the environment and cause even more environmental problems then we already have. By reducing trade tariffs and opening up the world to free trade more transport would be required to get goods to where they need to be. Leading to more consumption of oil through planes, trains, ships, and cars, putting more harmful gasses into the atmosphere and harming the environment even more. The Global Exchange says, “so-called “free trade agreements” threaten to erode many of the advances in global environmental protection, endangering our planet and the natural resources necessary to support life.”(2)The net effects of free trade has a harmful affect on the planet and a harmful effect on people who are living in developed countries.

The Trans Pacific Partnership should have clauses and points written into it that would protect the US economy, save jobs, trade with only countries that meet a human rights code and find a way to protect the environment the best that it can. People will not be in favor of the TPP if they know that thousands of jobs are going to be outsourced to countries where there is cheap labor, so protecting the US jobs is crucial. There also needs to be a way to protect the US economy because there is a potential for it all to take a drastic nose dive because of the loss in industry to other nations. The other nations that the US should trade with in the TPP should all be held to a strict human rights code that provides livable wages to the workers as well as benefits like health care to make sure that no one is working in sweat shop like conditions. The last thing that the TTP should have written into it is that each country should devote their scientists to finding better and more efficient ways to transport goods in a way that will not harm the environment. In the end all of these protections would allow for the US to still remain competitive and make people feel a little better about the TTP if they knew that these protection were in order.  





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Your paper was really interesting to read. You said that 14.8% of the people living in poverty would profit from the TPP, but that the small farmers would suffer from it. I think most people in poverty living in developing countries are people who couldn't succeed with their farming and were not able to get a good education because of the lack of money and the need to work even as a child to support the family. I think the TPP will only result in more people being poor, as if the small farmers are getting pushed out of the market by foreign goods, how will the people in poverty get a job to pay for the cheap food?

I agree with you about the environment, there should be an agreement to do the transport as green as possible, actually ot only for the TPP but in general, still, I believe the main focus for these politicians will be how to make the most money, no matter whether everything around us is telling us, that we are wrecking our environment.

I think you are right with the protection of jobs and environment, but I think the first step that would ease the public's mind would be for the contract to be shown to the world. There is so little information about it and it is not sure how reliable they are. The US and other nations are supposed to have a democracy, but a secretly made contract affecting so many people can hardly be called democratic. In an newspaper article it was said that the US is part of the TPP because China is economically raising. Do you believe so, too?

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