Yet Another Case of Getting Away With Murder

by E. Nyisztor on September 11, 2015 - 3:37pm

A Washington state police officer will not face any charges for the shooting of two unarmed black males resulting in one fatality and the other is reportedly paralyzed from the waist down, is basically the whole point of the article found on Aljazeera America News website. The article, simply entitled, Washington police won't face charges over shooting of two black men is about a Washington police officer, Ryan Donald, shooting two unarmed African American males resulting in the death of one of them. The two men were allegedly trying to rob beer from a supermarket. After failing to do so the two tried escaping on skateboards when they were stopped by Officer Donald. In the report Donald recounted that the two men had wrestled him to the ground and tried using their skate board to strike him. The article also reports the account of the living victim who is left paralyzed from the waist down, who said that he never tried to use his skateboard as a weapon and doesn’t remember if his friend had or not. The shooting of the two males provoked street demonstrations in the town of Olympia. The Officer will not be charged for the shooting because his use of force was justified, stated Anna Larsen, a spokeswoman for the Thurston County prosecuting attorney. However, an investigation will still be conducted to see whether or not Officer Donald violated any department policies. The article closes with the author telling us that the surviving victim of the shooting will be prosecuted for assault charges latter this year.

Washington police won't face charges over shooting of two black men. (2015, September 3). Retrieved September 11, 2015, from


To begin, the reason why I’m commenting on your post is because I am interested in understanding the reasons why these cruel acts happen and why they are essentially considered racist or discriminatory. I agree that there is a huge issue in our world today about racism and discrimination towards different racial groups, which are by some or were by others, perceived as an inferior “race”. However I cannot help but become confused about these definitions and how they are used in real life situations that happen everyday. For example, many will argue that racism is much more present towards the black community in the justice system than towards any other “race”. Although, what we tend to forget is that the media deliberately chooses their article topics in order to lure their audience in reading their article, making the situation look worse than it actually is. Also, many people define discrimination/racism as treating “races” differently than others, especially to their disadvantage. However, despite this definition, a lot of people throw these words around without actually thinking about if it actually is racist and what actually is racist. Don’t get me wrong, many of these events are obviously racist, but in this event in particular, what is it? Is it considered more racist for the police to treat them differently (which is what most people call discriminatory), which would be to let them get away from a robbery scene and maybe even attack him violently, or by treating them like everyone else and track them down to then be called racist for going after people of coloured skin? Is it for opening fire on them for self-defence? Why is it considered racist if it is a human reflex to protect one’s life? I understand that it is hard to determine if the events unrolled this way because of the witnesses, however these are important points to keep in mind to avoid throwing accusations around without clear evidence after investigation is classified.

Enough is Enough

Police brutality, is still to this day extremely common. A police officer sometimes can judge a situation to be dangerous just because of someone’s skin color? No. When Ryan killed two unarmed black individuals simply based off of pre-emptive tendencies is highly immoral, and to poor salt on the wound, also received NO punishment for his actions. When it comes to police officers, some believe they are above the law and can take law into their own hands as they see fit. This particular police officer should have received FULL extent of the law and should have been convicted of a crime. Regardless of the area, or the time of day, ANYONE who is not Caucasian has the right to walk peacefully without having to look over their shoulder for racist police officers watching their every move. The acts of violence (not just murder) but violence in itself is seen from police officers in most communities. Not all police officers are like this. I will say now that some police officers are still maintaining the “excellence” of police officer. Keeping the peace and protecting citizens of the community to which they were designated to govern. Having a badge is not an excuse to power trip, or to believe that the law no longer applies. Police officers are arbiters of society, not rulers, not those above the law. If anything police officers should be even more inclined to uphold the law to set an example to others. The fact that Ryan got away with murder clearly states the corruption within the legal system, and to what I believe a minute diffusion of power is needed.

I am commenting on this issue because this article obviously shows the racism based on skin color. Racism is a global issues and still a big problems around the world. Why is it when there is a robbery or any serious crimes they always pointing their finger to the people with color? All of us have equal rights to live. Based on the police brutality that happened, it seems that when a police arrested a black man and he is in the vicinity where the crime happened, on thing for sure, police will arrest that man without questioning. Intersectionality describes how the different systems of inequality, discrimination or oppression overlap and reinforce one another. Stop judging people based on how they look and what they are. However, the real misunderstanding is about how people treat each other whether you are white, black, and Asian. We are also responsible to teach our future children to respect all kinds of people of what they are and how do they look like. It is basically how are parents teach us to respect other people not to discriminate or judge them. It is humiliating to judge a person of how they look like. Ignorance is what they call when you humiliate a person just because of what color they are.