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This class asks each student to blog about news in the world that calls for action. As the semester progresses, the student's blog develops focus and clarity about certain issues and the ways organizations and academics pursue progress. Students may volunteer or do interviews and academic research to further understanding of how individuals can attempt to change the news they read.

Collaborations with students in the course "Globalization" from SUNY Brockport will allow for students' perspectives to broader around issues that matter to them.

Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by oliviahollant on May 8, 2013
For the News Activism final project, I have chosen to do some volunteer work in order to help make a difference in the wellness of women in my surroundings. To do so, I will be contributing to the creation of the Health and Wellness Club website, where I will post an informative article about woman’s issues and ways to get involved to help the cause. The multimedia part of the post will be a YouTube video that will sensitize the website viewers to women issues, more specifically domestic violence.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Yuan-Ku Luo on May 6, 2013
What is your volunteer work?-       My volunteer work is in the cleaning team in Animal Rescue Network, taking care of sick cats, cleaning their cages and changing foods & water.What is your multimedia part of the post?-       Prezi, Sadly I cannot provide any pictures of the organization because of their policy. But I will try to use Prezi to share people my experience in an interesting way.What news is your work and multimedia related to? (Title, author, source, date of publication)

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Alextstlaurent on May 6, 2013
Update   What is your volunteer work? Writing a short guide in 3 small sections on empowerment   / confidence. It will be given to health and wellness club for their own use in the realization of their goal. It will also be published online for stumbling or for my usual readers.   What is your multimedia part of the post? It will be a PDF that include pictures, links to videos and websites. Published online and on paper.     What news is your work and multimedia related to? (Title, author, source, date of publication)  

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by sandrinedoucet on May 6, 2013
For my final project, I plan on writing an academic paper with three academic sources. My final paper, like my SuperPost will focus on health care across Canada, this time it will be more focused on research and discrimination. The article that leads me to want to further my knowledge on this topic is the following. On March 29, Kevin Charles Redmond wrote an amazing piece in Salon, on the discrimination that homeless and poor people go through when it comes to getting medical care. I have been studying this subject more and more since the

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by cthiemonge on May 6, 2013
I have mainly written on employment this year and also on the Euro crisis. I think most of the news was bad, but there seemed to be some good news for countries like Germany. Because of the financial crisis, thei borrowing costs have drop significantly and so they have to pay less to raise money in markets. The government saved money also because of low interest’s rate with the European Central Bank. The fact is that the difference between borrowing and loaning is inexistent. The money they get doesn’t come from the tax payers.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by finley.n on April 25, 2013
In my recent posts, I have explored a lot on the topic of education, therefore I found it fitting to discuss about someone who is doing something to help unprivileged children attend school.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by christinem on April 22, 2013
Since the redaction of my super-post, I have been writing about violence and corruption caused by the Mafia and street gangs. In my previous posts, I have been elaborating about different strategies to end this violence such as spreading awareness about the dimension of this phenomenon to adults and children, Montreal Anti-Corruption Squad, finding the roots of organized crimes in the heart of our governments as well as investing more money into researches and investigations about this issue.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Terreros14 on April 22, 2013
My articles focus on gun violence and how to reduce it. Many incidents directly linked to gun violence have been seen in the recent years. Events like the Columbine shooting in 1999 aren’t simply forgotten by the public. More recently, a shooting took place in Newtown, Connecticut killing 20 kids and 6 adults. The killer came in the school with a Semi-automatic rifle and started the massacre before taking his own life with his weapon.   The person that has made a change in the area of gun control and reducing gun violence is the

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by pierre7luc on April 22, 2013
Jimmy Wales, Modern World Hero who changed the world trough technology "I'm a big advocate of freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought (Jimmy Wales)." Jimmy Wales, co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia and president of Wikia, Inc is man who was looking to improve society level of knowledge and for free. Wales has found Wikipedia in the 2001 when the internet was getting involved and everybody everyday life's and made it free and easy to access to everyone.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Jennifer Powroznyk on April 22, 2013
David Suzuki is one of the most popular environmentalists in Canada. His mission is to protect nature’s diversity and to improve people’s quality of living. Some of David Suzuki and his organizations gaols include ensuring Canada is doing what it can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the amount of natural resources being put toward consumerism, and encouraging youth to grow more aware of the co-dependency between us humans and nature. According to the Huffington Post Suzuki is a scientist, author, broadcaster and the co-founder of the David Suzuki foundation.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by alexis1solis on April 22, 2013
Nelson Mandela, a South African political activist and president, is one of the most famous people in the world who has changed the world enormously. He was born in a small village in the southeastern part of South Africa called Transkei. Mandela first studied at University College of Fort Hare but was later expelled for leading a student strike. After his expulsion, he decided to finish his studies at University of Witwatersrand. During his time at university, Mandela became aware of the racial segregation faces by the blacks from the apartheid regime.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by JulianLa on April 22, 2013
The person I chose to talk about has done a lot of change crime and law related during his days. He is particularly known for his acts against privacy. Louis D. Brandeis was born in 1856 in Louisville, Kentucky. He became well known as a lawyer, reformer  and associate justice. Soon after graduation he had attended Harvard Law School and opened a practice with one of his classmates. He always acted according to what the client needed. However, once he had become a sought out lawyer, his interest changed from practice of law to reform.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by chanelle hasel on April 22, 2013
Oliver Sacks is an amazing man that is becoming more and more popular around the world due. He is a physician, best-selling author and a professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine as well as a visiting professor at the University of Warwick. Sacks came a long way in order to reach his many accomplishments. He was born in 1933 in London, England, his mother was a surgeon and his father was a feneral practitioner.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by anthony guerriero on April 21, 2013
Marie Curie is known to be the grandfather of radioactivity. She was a Polish scientist who was born in 1867 in the city of Warsaw. The youngest amongst 5 children, Marya Sklodovska (birth name) grew up in a poor but well-educated family. In her time period, it was very unusual for women to go to school and pursue a carrier in Chemistry and Biology. Opportunities in Poland were very limited to Marie so she went to Paris where she worked as a governess and attended the Sorbonne where she got a degree in Physics. She finished top in her school.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by on April 21, 2013
“The greatest sin our time is not the few who have destroyed, but the vast majority of who sat idly by.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by sandrinedoucet on April 21, 2013
In the past few months I have been studying the public health system in Canada as well as in the United States. When the time comes to choose a person who has impacted the public health system the first answer that comes to mind is the government. This brought me to realize that if other people tried to make a change in people’s lives and motivate them to be healthier, the government would have less sick people to deal with. The only fact of having a healthier population will in itself enhance the quality of the health system in America.

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7 years 9 months ago


7 years 9 months ago

testing comments

7 years 9 months ago

You summarized your article really well, straight to the point and clear to read. It is interesting to read about crime and punishment from a young adult’s point of view. I agree with the authors that some young adults are not as educated as they should be about crimes and their consequences. I found an article that takes a different approach to this issue by focusing on the prevention of crimes and punishment on young adults. Overall, the document mentions the definition of the more probable crimes and punishments of young adults and how education can be a major solution to the issue. Specifically, the chapter 5 (page 42) mentions that the more information young adults have on the consequences of crimes, provides them with a better understanding and a better mentality to think about their actions. More knowledge has never really hurt someone so I agree with the authors about enforcing more education on this issue.
Link to the article:

7 years 10 months ago

I like that you chose a really important but tragic news broadcast. Watching the reporters speak about such a terrible thing and have so little answers was frustrating . So finally, according to recent news, officials have found the missing plane and has put everyone at ease. The most current news broadcast's purpose is to inform the world that the once missing Malaysia Plane has been found in the Indian Ocean unfortunately, with no survivors. The reporter’s audience is not only the family members of those who were passengers on the plane but for everyone around the world. The speakers have successfully accomplished putting the passenger’s families at ease along with the rest of the world population. They basically let the world know that a plane cannot just go missing for several days and just disappear. The news broadcast definitely reassured the world that they have had and still have this very unfortunate event under control. The only negative implication this speech has brought on is for the family members of the deceased passengers. Yes, the families have gotten closure but now they have to deal with the death of their loved ones instead of dealing with that tiny bit of hope that they were still alive and well somewhere in the world.
I feel it was necessary to comment on your post because now that the plane has been found, my link is like the missing puzzle piece!

Link to most current news broadcast on missing plane (now found):

7 years 10 months ago

I like the way you tackle the issue of mental illness by focusing on the stigma. Sure, at time I found myself a little lost while reading your post because like you mention, stigma is not basic knowledge to all. I did my own research on the stigma of mental illness and found a lengthy article that can help further your research. The article is titled “The Stigma Associated with Mental Illness” written by the Canadian Mental Health Association. The article mentions that the stigma of mental illness typically takes the form of stereotyping, distrust, income, self-worth, and family. Because those who suffer from mental illness are known to be branded as “dangerous, unpredictable, and weak-willed” victims tend to ignore or cross out and possibility that they might have a mental illness. The article also mentions a solution, education. The authors believe that education is the best way to reduce the stigma that is linked to mental illness. The main reasons of this article is bring focus that stigma is the greatest challenge mental health has to face for the damaging effects it can have when on the journey of recovery.
Link to article:

Montreal has a unique way to deal with the issue of stigma and mental illness. The Mood Disorders Society of Canada is a non-profit organisation that deals with issues relating to mental health and mental illness. For example they can work with people dealing with depression or bipolar illness. This is just one of many organizations that deal with mental health and strive to help those who suffer from mental illness in hopes to conquer their disease and lead them to a better life.
Link to website, specifically Anti-stigma page:

7 years 10 months ago

I enjoyed reading about your post because there is not enough awareness of the effects on homelessness and I feel like you have mentioned the key effects. I have found an article written by the "Canadian Institute for Health Information" that tackles the issue of homelessness from many angles. The article can help you with your research because it lists definitions, statistics, effects, and solutions. The article mentions that the negative psychological effects that can develop because of homelessness are the following; schizophrenia, personality disorders, substance abuse, concurrent disorders, depression, and major depressive disorder. A major mental outcome of homelessness is depression and it plays as a snowball effect which leads to other illnesses. The article also mentions some solutions to help the homeless who are affected by psychological issues. The authors suggest that coping is the main way the homeless should address their mental illnesses. They can achieve this by social support to boost their self-esteem and get rid of the suicidal behaviors.
Link to article:

Montreal has a unique relationship with the issue of homelessness. For example the Mental Health Commission of Canada has recently done a study of 469 homeless participants to determine the probably of the homeless experiencing a mental illness. One of the objective of MHCC is to help people with mental health problems find and maintain employment. In addition, instead of providing the homeless with random shelters they gave the participants the ability to choose the type of housing they wanted. Moreover, the homeless were provided with health care and life skills coaching.
Link to MHCC website:

7 years 10 months ago

You have written about an interesting and well researched topic so you have successfully provided knowledgeable information. Childhood abuse is a topic that I have spent fairly a lot of time researching and I know that depression is the main mental illness that victims deal with in the long-run. I have found an article that focuses on the long-term effects of childhood abuse. The article will be posted at the end. The article contains sections on the most likely effects of child abuse. The authors focus on the negative outcomes that affect a victim’s physical and emotional well-being. It mentions that victims who have been exposed to violence at a young age can develop head trauma, impaired brain development and an overall poor physical health. As for the emotional effects, victims can have difficulties interacting with others thus developing social difficulties. Some victims may develop drug and alcohol abuse. In addition, the article mentions possible behavior issues that can develop in a victims adult years.

In Montreal, we have a center called “Montreal Assault Prevention Center” that has over 87,000 children that have participated in child abuse prevention workshops in addition to thousands of teachers and parents that have learned several ways to prevent child abuse.
Here is a link to the center’s website:


7 years 10 months ago

You title is very inviting! I think you have strong arguments. Before reading your post i was pro death penalty because I thought that if someone was to commit a serious crime why should they have the right to live after they have taken a life. But then you raised an important point, what if the wrong person was convicted. Then, when you look at the death penalty as a worldview, it is basically implying “it is illegal and wrong to kill however, those in power can override this law and kill anyway.” I found this article that list several reasons why the death penalty should be illegal. The article contains persuasive arguments I strongly recommend you read it.

7 years 11 months ago

Hi I feel like you are an individual who I can take seriously. Your overall opinion can be seen throughout your text, but in a good way. I feel like you addressed the issue. Enjoy your life.

7 years 11 months ago

The title caught my eye on this one because I also discussed assisted suicide. I understand both sides of the argument and how it would cause a lot of struggle for the doctors who would have to put an end to someone’s life. However, I agree with you, I feel that if I person is unhappy with their current situation and there is no other help for it, then they should have the right to end their own life. The value of compassion, as you mentioned, is an important one, and to me as well, I feel that watching someone in pain wither away for months on end waiting for death to come isn’t compassionate, and it isn’t really living is it? I also agree with individual freedom, it should be the person’s choice if they no longer want to live. I strongly believe in the moral claim that states everybody’s interest should have equal consideration, if a human doesn’t have the right to make the decision about their own bodies, then their interests aren’t being considered equally. Would it truly be so problematic to allow people to take their own lives?

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