International Education Week 2015- A Global Conversation about the Environment

About this class will host International Education Week (IEW)-  November –Monday, Nov 16  to Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 organized by Minnesota Community and Technical College (MCTC) with expected participating classes from China, Japan, Denmark, Montenegro, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Equador & Columbia.  

The topic focus is Environment and Climate Change, following up on an international event organized by MCTC in April and hosted at NewsActivist.

Videos of international collaboration from the Earth Day event are available here.

Join this class to participate in the week-log event. 


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Global Conversations by Minneapolis Technical and Community College
by Gabe Admin on October 14, 2015 will host International Education Week (IEW) from  November –Monday, Nov 16  to Friday, Nov. 20, 2015. This global conversation is organized by Minnesota Community and Technical College (MCTC) with expected participating classes from China, Japan, Denmark, Montenegro, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Equador & Columbia.  

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4 years 10 months ago

Hi Jonathan,

While not an ethics course, this makes for a fine possibility for collaboration.

You might ask your students to comment on a post from my class and in the comment demonstrate an understanding of a theme you cover in your ethics class.

Each of your students can then apply course content in the form of  a comment associated with the contemporary issue a student in my classs wrote about, and my student can benefit from seeing an ethical angle to their post/issue of which they otherwise might not have been aware. 

Since my stduents are generally tasked with writing about contemporary issues that they believe indicate a part of the world that should be improved/changed, without elaborating their normative ethical positions, your students could be tasked with challenging and/or exposing such implicit positions.

Thanks for getting in touch!


5 years 5 months ago


I'm concerned that October and November will not be a good fit for my students to do work giving feedback to yours, Jean-Michel. However, it may work into our essay writing section. If Eric fits well with your timeline, I will have my students participate in feedback in October/November, if it turns out to be a good fit. I will check back in as the semester unfolds!



5 years 6 months ago


I'm a Humanities teacher (and incidentally, the founder of this site) teaching a critical thinking course this fall and my students could be a good fit for part 2.

They will be first semester, first year CEGEP students at Champlain and it will be likely the first time the majority of these Champlain Saint-Lambert students are studying in English, although they aren't an ESL group, as such.

My students could be asked to participate on step two,  providing feebdack to your class's midterm essays, commenting on any critical thinking strengths or weaknesses they discover, but also engaging with your students content. This will likely get your students excited about the work they are developing, as they will be writing for a guaranteed audience.

I'm not sure step 1 will fit with my class, however, I'm going to introduce you to some experienced teachers at the site whom I think will fit well with your goals soon!

Thanks for posting! Looking forward to collaborating!



6 years 11 months ago

One page PDF for new teachers and new students. 

Access to Terms and Conditions as a PDF for distribution in class.

(Bilingual on each side)

Documentation for users giving best practices and workflow for assignment distribution and submission. 

Tips and Straegies for students


6 years 11 months ago

Upon first discussion with Gina and Susan it is clear that there is a need for better resources for teachers to get used to the site. This should be Norm's focus for the grant.

Reply to: Hello
7 years 2 months ago

Can you test out your ability to edit and change how your posts are visible on this site? 

Click "Edit" on your post.

Then select "private- only visible to group members" from 

Group content visibility

This way, only those students and teachers who are members of your class will see this post.

Some posts may be best shared only within your class, like introductory messages meant for each other. Later posts might be best shared with the whole newsactivist network- like posts that are full of insights that all students around the world can learn from.

Let me know what you think


Gabe, Administrator at NewsActivist

7 years 8 months ago


When would you like feedback? How long do the classes run?

Are you looking for feedback on the issue itself, or on the students' writing? Both? Either?




7 years 11 months ago

Comments will be arriving from Montreal students to NYC students for March 3, as a part of the below assignment:

Organizational Research and NYC comments: 10%


Due Monday March 3, 2014 at noon on NewsActivist and


This assignment requires you to research and explore four non-profit organizations or socially responsible businesses that provide volunteer opportunities. Each volunteer opportunity submitted is worth 2% of your final mark for a total of 8% of the course.


You will also make two comments to NYC students as we generally have been doing, during class time on either February 24 or February 27 and each is worth 1%.


So, you will submit four volunteer opportunities and two comments by March 3 at noon for 10% of the course.


You can choose to do the volunteer research part of this work as a group of two, three, or four people, each member who has been posting about the same issue. If you do the organizational research as a team, this is good as during the February 19 organization day, each of you can interview one organization that day, and the organizations won’t receive the same questions too many times. If you do the organization research as a team, each member will submit at least one volunteer opportunity to newsactivist, and the group will submit the group’s findings in class March 3 as a printout with all group members’ names.


If you do the organization research as a team, all four opportunities will relate to the same issue.  If you do the organization research alone, you can research two organizations related to your superpost and the other two related to other submitted news summaries.

1. Reflect on your superpost or a news summary or a new story that inspires your research. 
2. Search for organizations working on improving the issue associated with the story. If you want to, can find others in the class interested in the same issue and make this a group project. However, each member of the group (maximum four) will submit an individual volunteer opportunity to the site and the four members will submit their four volunteer opportunities as a group to me in class as a printout.
3. For full marks for each volunteer opportunity/organization research, you must include:

a.       The organization’s core values and goals.

b.      The major projects the organization is working on in 2014.

c.       The volunteer opportunities that would be available to those wanting to help in the organizations mission. (You might need to call or email)

d.      The contact person and information for the volunteer opportunities

e.      Optional information:

                                                                          i.      The history of the organization

                                                                        ii.      The past projects the organization dealt with

                                                                      iii.      The job opportunities associated with the organization.

8 years 1 week ago

Hi Janet,

THE Gen 421 pasted course description needs to be reposted when you can. I can't see it.

Also, will we have any collaborative exercises taking place before March 30? Will you be using newsactivist for your earlier classes?


8 years 1 week ago

Hi Stacey,.

I have a teacher at Champlain who would love to have a collaborative partner for some feedback assignments. Her course mainly deals with understanding cultures different from our own, which seems to fit with some of your courses.

Let me know and I'll introduce you two!



There no collaborative classes