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by nicsylvestre on September 9, 2013
Music is a part of our everyday life. Most of us can listen to music for hours. We are listening to music in our car, on our iPod in the bus, when we walk, when we do our homework and before going to bed. So, we can say that music pace our day. What if the music everybody hears on the radio and on the television was not censored?  The article I read on the subject explains both sides of music censorship.  

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by alexandra meunier on September 9, 2013
As parents or students we have to choose a school where we want to study and often it is a complicated choice. The main question is: is it better to go to private or to public school? In the article, the author compares school under six categories. One of these categories is enriching course. In private school, they can afford more advanced course or program because they have more resources. Also, private institutions are more selective. Because of these criteria they can reject some students such as students who have lower grade, so they can have smaller classes.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by justiniaconetti on September 9, 2013
    The debate on whether or not to teach the theory of evolution in public high schools has generated a lot of controversy in the United States and Canada. Rather than siding with one specific viewpoint, Michael Aliprandini, the author of the article “Teaching Evolution: An Overview” serves as a mediator between the two sides and simply aims to explain the two perspectives. The article goes into specific detail about the science vs. religion debate in high schools, and how creationists feel that removing God from the classrooms would not be beneficial to young students.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by B_14 on September 9, 2013
       In Washington, Ryan Nguyen, was born six weeks before his expected due date. When he was born he barely had a heart beat but doctors managed to revive him. After reviving Ryan, the doctors realized that he would not survive much longer due to medical problems that came to their attention later on. Baby Ryan had brain damage, bowel complications and his kidneys were failing. After these conditions were brought to the doctors’ attention, they suggested to the parents that in Ryan’s best interest to reduce his suffering be taken off life support.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by virginie_desgro... on September 9, 2013
Last week, in Saguenay, some people have spilled pork blood over a mosque. This act is seen as a way for Quebecers to evoke their frustration concerning Muslims who want to bring their own culture in Quebec. With the new charter of Quebec values promoted by Pauline Marois, Muslims are afraid that their rights will not be respected. They think that Quebecers do not want their values in Quebec, for example the port of the veil. They considerate the blood spilled on their religious place as a way of saying that Quebecers do not want them in their province.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by vlad26261 on September 9, 2013
               Just a few years ago, in order to have access to their favorite music, movies or video games, people would go to record stores, buy the CD they wanted to own, and were able to listen to it over and over again. With the consistent rise of technology, this culture is now gone. In order to get a new CD, all we have to do is go on a website and download it for free.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by juliettelg on September 8, 2013
    Since the end of August, the United States has accused the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of attacking his own citizens with chemical weapons and on September 4th, President Barack Obama has been given the right to use military force by the Senate. However, the mission shall not exceed 90 days and soldiers shall not disturb the peace of the country.  

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Stephanie.Audet on September 5, 2013
            Should we boycott the Russian Olympics after the Russian government has announced its anti-gay propaganda law? This controversial law bans Russian citizens and visitors from influencing 'the practice of' same-sex orientation to minors. Since the law has been passed, Russians have been beaten and imprisoned because of their (suspected) sexual orientation. Now, with the upcoming Winter Olympics being held in Russia; state leaders are scrambling to make a decision on whether or not boycotting the Russian Olympics would be both a reasonable and a fair decision to take.

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7 years 8 months ago

First off, good job on your article. I liked how it clearly identified the causes of homelessness according to the research you based it on. I agree with your point of view that more serious measures have to be taken to reduce homelessness all around the world. However, I believe that more and more people are starting to care about this issue as they realize that homelessness can happen to anyone. I'd suggest you check out this article entitled "Students Spending Week Outside to Raise Homelessness Awareness", which reports that some university students in Montreal have been raising awareness about this problem by spending five nights on the streets of the city. This event shows me that people are slowly starting to realize that this issue is serious and that it has to be addressed.

Here's the link to the article:

Reply to: Gay Pro Athletes
7 years 9 months ago

First off, I really liked your article. It clearly explained how homosexuality has been a taboo subject in sports for so long now. As you were saying, however, this is all changing for the better. You quickly mentioned about Jason Collins’ example. As you may know, he has now made history by being the first openly gay pro athlete in the four major sports leagues in America. As reported by the NY Daily News, he signed a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA about a week ago. I think this is significant as it shows the cultural change that you were referring to. Perhaps the next step now is when this type of story will not be news anymore. This is when the cultural change will be truly completed.

Reply to: “Airpocalypse”
7 years 9 months ago

First off, great job on your article. It was very interesting (great title also) and clearly explained the measures in place to control this issue. It might seem crazy to think that there are some places like this in the world where the quality of the air is literally dangerous. However, having gone to China (Shanghai) two years ago, I can confirm that the situation is dramatic. I remember that almost half of the people in the city was wearing small facemasks that covered their mouth and nose because they did not want to get sick from all the smog. Personally, I didn’t have one of those and I remember my father and I had bad cough after only three days. I can just imagine how difficult it must be to live those conditions.

7 years 9 months ago

It is not a suprise anymore that mass media and targeted marketing makes public images of body type normal people can never hope to ressemble. I think that instead of shouting at the moon and be upset of all the ''mass media'' that is feeding us concepts of what we can never be, we should simply learn to disregard this kind of publicity or at least not take it litterally. I believe it starts with our perception. If we teach people how to perceive certain things and how to react or not to react at this kind of publicity we would most probably be much less affected by all this. We can't blame external factors forever and just be mad at society for the way it is and at the media for making us feel bad. We should just stop feeling bad about it. Its just perspective. We should be intelligent enough to not let ourselves be influenced and to teach our youth not to be influenced.

7 years 9 months ago

I agree with your position on the matter. I believe making suicide a crime is the ultimate insult to personal freedom. No one is in your head except you and feels the pain you feel except you. If you decide that you can't take it anymore then so be it, this is your body and your decision. Human life should indeed be the most important thing but that particular life belongs to you and no one else.

I believe we should be careful with slippery slope argumentation. I don't think giving someone the choice of what to do with it's own life is lowering our values or standards and I don't think saying ''what could happen then'' is a valid argument. We should deal with issued one at a time , not fear for what our decisions will lead to in other matters.

7 years 10 months ago

Let me start by telling you that your article was fantastic. It was full of detail and statistics that were very valuable for the understanding of the issue. What really caught my attention was that there is someone experiencing a cardiac arrest every 12 minutes in Canada. This demonstrates how big of an issue this is. I think the best solution to fix this problem is to change eating habits in Canada. For instance, in an article that recently appeared in the Globe and Mail, excess sugar triples the risks of having heart diseases. Now that research has proven this, perhaps all Canadians should be made aware of this so that they can make responsible choices in the future regarding the food they consume. As hard as this may be, I think that this is the way we lower deaths related to heart diseases because by investing in defibrillators, we are not attacking the root of the problem.

Here is the article I was talking about:

7 years 10 months ago

To start off , you have written a great article. It was detailed and very interesting. In fact, I didn't know that those sport's drinks were actually bad for our health. Personally I play hockey in a league and my dad has been buying sport's drinks for my whole team after almost each game for over 4 years now so this news concerns me a lot and might make us change our habits. The only thing is that those drinks also taste good so this might be hard.

7 years 10 months ago

I'd like to start off by congratulating you on this article. You took an interesting subject and you had relevant statistics. In fact, I am astonished to see that the amount of injuries is that high. I mean nearly 3 out of 4 people get injured doing CrossFit. That's crazy! However, injuries while working out is a common thing that happens to many people doing other types of training. For instance, I have a friend who dislocated his shoulder at the gym doing some weight training. He was doing pull-ups on a bar but his form was not really good, hence he got seriously injured. I think the big reason why there is that much people getting injured in CrossFit is because people get really exhausted towards the end of their CrossFit workouts. Therefore, their technique becomes a secondary thought, which greatly increases their chances of getting injuries.

7 years 10 months ago

First, great job on your news summary. Your ideas are clear and well thought through. I agree that we most definitely have to act to change this awful law for the sake of human rights. With the Olympic Games in Sochi Russia this year, I truly wish that some athletes will stand up against this legislation. Haley Wickenheiser, who was chosen to be Canada's flag-bearer in those upcoming games seems to be willing to take a firm stance against this law and hopefully many athletes will follow her lead.

You can find the article that talks about this here :

Reply to: Postal strike
7 years 10 months ago

First, I’d like to congratulate you on your article since it is precise and concise. I think is an important issue to be addressed because every Canadian is affected by this decision as everyone receives mail. I think this is sad especially for elderly people. My grandaunt is currently living in a residence in Montreal. She is 88 years old and she obviously does not have the same mobility that she once had. I can’t imagine that the government would force my grandaunt to go outside when there is snow and ice everywhere just to get her mail! Moreover, this also takes away jobs for many mail carriers around the country. I think this decision has to be revised because I feel that it has not been thought through.

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