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This course requires students to develop individual portfolios about contemporary issues, sharing work with increasing depth as the semester progresses.

The course encourages student to develop cross-disciplinary knowledge and broaden perspectives regarding local, provincial, national, and international news, Assignments encouraging interactions with peers across campuses and borders will build broad understanding of issues in an exciting and unique manner.  

Themes addressed during teh semester involve: Journalism, Critical Thinking and Credibility of sources, Personal Voice in writing, impacts on communities of non-profits, NGOs, and socially-conscious businesses, the impact of academic research on communities, and the  possibilities of Collaboration and civic journalism in 2016.

Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by isabelbarroso on May 2, 2016
Migration in the world is strating to have an impact on everyone. This reality is tranforming societies into multicultural ones. Plural societies are often having all sorts of trouble while dealing with all their differences. All cultures cherish their identities and want to preserve them. The question of how societies should manage the cultural ethcnic, racials, and linguistic differences stays a controversial debate. Is it possible to manage diversity into multicultural societies? Several models are proposing solution to create perfect cohesive communities.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by alexebelec on May 2, 2016
Even during the Twenty-First century, there is still violence occurring towards animals. Even if several laws were newly installed in order to help animal cruelty situations, there are still a lot of animal abuse occurring in the world. In this essay, animal abuse will be argued to still being common nowadays for small animals and big ones too. It will also be viewed as a veterinarian’s responsibility to see and protect the animal’s rights whenever it sees animal abuse made on one of their patients.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Nikolaos on April 28, 2016
This is old news.   Well, it still happens today. So it might not be that old. Moreover, it’s not a subject that has a big spotlight in the mass media nowadays. So why not discuss that here?   I have recently watched The Stoning of Soraya M. on Netflix. This movie, based on the true story of Soraya Manutchehri, a woman stoned to death after her husband plotted to get rid of her, illustrates what happens when individuals (especially women) are accused of adultery and then convicted; the sentence is death by stoning.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Gretta-olivia on April 28, 2016
The president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, has ordered the security forces to find the killers of the senior general. The general Kararuza and his wife were killed this Monday 25th in the morning by unknown gunmen. Unfortunately, her daughter was also in the car when it happened and she has been in the coma but luckily, she survived the attack.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Cynthia_pare on April 27, 2016
News summary The article “New York City’s Office for Immigrants Has Become a Global Model” by Kirk Semple demonstrates very well the idea of new power and it is also very linked to the issue I am facing: immigrants’ integration.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Sauro on April 27, 2016
In the Washington Post article How Journalism is Changing for the Better, published  on September 1st, 2015, Christ Cillizza explains how journalism is evolving through the active participation of the audience by means of social media.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by aupara123 on April 27, 2016
The Islamic State group (IS) has become a significant threat with its barbaric actions in the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, as well as the terrorist strikes it carried out worldwide. The article “Fight against ISIS reveals power of social media,” by Javier Lesaca, highlights the extensive use of social media by the IS group to perpetrate radicalization and gain momentum. In this digital age, the use of social media has become a powerful means to obtain “mass participation” and “peer coordination”, as described by Jeremy Heimans in the Ted Talk “What New Power Looks Like”.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by ADaydreamingWal... on April 27, 2016
In my previous posts about education, I talked a lot about children and their literacy. Today, I will be focused on the situation of the teachers, more precisely, on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession of 2016. In the article “The U.S. Makes 4 Important Education Commitments to the World” of the Huffington Post, the author Sean McComb this events.  

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by RomyLeclerc on April 27, 2016
Lately, I have been working on different inequalities in our world. In fact, disparities are present in all countries and in all social classes. Because, as for me, this subject is important, I decided to volunteer into one of the most important inequalities-fighting organization: Oxfam. I will indeed take part of the annual Marche Monde in Montreal. I will be walking and informing Montreal youth about disparities in the world.  

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by julie.brown on April 27, 2016
In an article for CBC News, the Associated Press describes the way in which Pope Francis’ papacy has shown itself to be reflective of modern leadership tendencies. Noting that the Church has often been self-centered and isolated from its followers, Francis calls for priests to “get out of their sacristies, get their shoes muddy, [and] get involved in the lives of their faithful”.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Mr.Bean on April 27, 2016
Alberta premier Rachel Notley pressures Canada Prime Minister Trudeau to take a leadership role regarding the approval of major pipelines projects, after meeting him in Kananaskis Resort, Alberta. In article Trudeau under growing pressure to lead charge for pipelines published on April 24 2016, in the Globe and Mail, the author Steven Chase draws the conclusion from the private meeting that was held the past weekend, in Alberta. Trudeau and his Cabinet were in a retreat to develop an economic strategy.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Adam J. Lavoie on April 27, 2016
Emma Watson's speech at the UN meeting in September 2014 was a great step for the HE for SHE movement. She shared with the rest of the world how our society needs men and women to work together if we want to get rid of gender discrimination. She uses her position of public figure and the fact that she is mediatised a lot to reach the masses and send a message to the population to raise awareness about gender discrimination and equality.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by isabelbarroso on April 25, 2016
Does living in a high diversity area changes the way you see multiculturalism? Yes, it sure does! According to the article ‘’If you don’t think multiculturalism is working, look at your street corner’’ written in by Madeleine Bunting, being part of a mixed area makes people more tolerant of differences. She is using studies, including one from the social psychologists of University of Oxford[1], to prove her point.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by hunter_c on April 25, 2016
On March 9th, 2016 the Washington Post published an article by Sari Horwitz entitled, “The Hard Lives - and High Suicide Rate - of Native American Children on Reservations” which provided some insight on the alarming rates of suicide in the aboriginal community. On the Gila River Indian reservation in Arizona, eight teens have killed themselves over the past year and there are several sights, such as a particular tree where one girl hung herself, where they are advised to stay away from because of superstitious reasons.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Noon on April 20, 2016
I read an article about a case of human trafficking in Toronto. For those who read my previous posts, I already wrote multiple news summaries on this issue. In this case a 34 year old man and a 23 year old women were arrested and charged for multiple criminal offences including human trafficking. These people were accused after their 18 year old victim was able to flee and contact the authorities.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by julie.brown on April 19, 2016
Born December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pope Francis is the son of Italian immigrants. The greater part of his life has been dedicated to his faith, as he took his first vows as a Jesuit in 1960. After three years of studies, he began teaching literature and psychology in high school and theology at the San Miguel eminary. He became an ordained priest in 1969 and was named coadjutor archbishop in 1997. On March 13th, 2013, he was finally elected pope, and he retains this position to this day (Meko).

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3 years 1 month ago

Hi Enya!

I was really curious when I read your title and you increased my curiosity once I read your commentary about the article. Actually, this one didn’t disappoint me. I thought your comments were really completed and precise, which led me to the point that I wanted to know more about the Zika virus. I firstly thought that its situation was really ironic. Then I understood that it was attacking cells, and so for the virus it does not make any difference; the consequences about which cell it attacks only make a difference for us.

Therefore, I like the article that you are proposing, because it made me learn something new. Also, I found it very relevant to me, since I know many people that have or had cancer. Hence, I think that you had a good idea to share the article, because it touches a large amount of people. I think it is an effective way to give hope to those who need it.

By staying in the same subject, I found some articles that may interest you. The first one also comes from the New Scientist journal, but it has been published after your article. To make a short summary, it talks about a specific patient who has a chronic pancreatitis- an inflammation of the pancreas-, which is a factor risk of cancer. This type of disease causes a lot of suffering for the patients. We also know that the cancerous tumors spread out into the body by using our nerves. Including to that, our nerves make the tumor maturing. This process is well explained in the article. Thus, they found a way to stop the suffering and the growth of the tumor by "cutting" the nerves already touched. The effect is a longer and painless life for the patient.

First article:

The second article has been published by the Scientific American journal recently. It is about the recent approval of the FDA – Food and Drugs Administration – a new treatment against cancer. The treatment consists to displace the white blood cells to the tumors. The article informs us about the process, but also on all the pros and cons. What I also find interesting is that we can get inform about the folder of the treatment (the cost, when it is going to be available, etc.). I think it is great to stay aware of that type of information, since cancer is a disease that takes a lot of place in our society.

Second article:

Hope you’ll enjoy!

3 years 1 month ago

Hello Justina!

I was very interested by your article. The discoveries the scientific community can make by observing other organisms, such as butterflies, could revolutionize science and the medical world.

Your commentary was useful and gave me the desire to read not only the article mentioned in your post, but also more about the subject. Reading about gene programmation in butterflies that influence the colour of their wings instantly made me wonder of a world where parents “program” their babies in order to reduce their risks of disease and even, perhaps, their physical appearance.

However, this thought process unconditionally raises a big ethical question. Would it be ethical to modify human genes, as we do with much of the food we consume? I did some research in order to learn more about the risks of genetical editing.

First, I got informed about the technique mentioned in your article, called CRISPR, which stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic repeats. This technique uses the process of DNA reparation in cells to add-in or remove specific genes. Using CRISPR is not only simple and efficient, but also inexpensive. It is accessible to practically any laboratory in the scientific world. Researchers have the goal to use this relatively new technology to modify genes in embryos in order to cure diseases and modify mutations. To read more about the subject, I recommend this article, from SAGE:

As one may presume, genome editing in embryos causes a lot of ethical debate. Until recently, only unviable embryos could be “genetically edited” for scientific research. However, in July 2017, the first viable embryos’ genome was edited, in Oregon, using CRISPR. This was done effectively, and few mistakes were made. However, once again, this created big ethical discussions worldwide. Many people are scared of what are called “designer babies,” referring to a world where parents would “design” their babies by modifying their genes until they become “perfect” to their eye. However, genetically edited embryos are not yet transplanted in placenta, and do not develop into grown humans. Many changes in regulations and laws must be done before this can happen. To read more about the subject, you could read this article from Business Insider, which describes the first genetically modified embryos and the risks behind genome editing:

All in all, I really enjoyed reading your article. Although it only discusses the colour of butterflies’ wings, it links to a much bigger issue. The small discovery of a gene that dictates the colour and design of butterfly wings could have big impacts on the research on gene editing. Thank you for your article!
Simon Saad

3 years 1 month ago

In countries like the US, it seems like obesity is a common problem. While technology has allowed an easier way of life, a casualty would be on the health. Plus, because of schools, jobs, and families, people tend to do very little to no exercise thus, increasing the chances of gaining weight. Myself included. An article by Howard (2017) included a statement that exclaims that more than 30% of american adults are obese. The article also includes some of the possible problems. For example, obesity can cause diabetes, joint problems, etc. SNAP is not the only thing that is doing things to prevent obesity. Many of us, as children to adults, has a tendency to eat junk food and we tend to go to a store expecting to buy them. Of course, many of us are also way too lazy to do any kind of exercise. Which is why many scientists are trying to develop treatments for obesity. Some of them are a bit gruesome, but do note that they are in their preliminary phases. All in all, the article shows the severity of the current problem because of our tendencies with exercise.

Howard, B. (2017). The LATEST WORD on WEIGHT LOSS. Prevention, Vol. 69 (Issue 11), p.39. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

3 years 1 month ago

Even though many aspects in a first world country would make it believe to be peaceful, it is surprising that crime rates can continue to increase in those countries. While it is surprising to see that conflicts on social media seems to be there as many would not act beyond the scope of the internet, as it is a way to hurt others without repercussions and some even put in effort and enjoys doing it. In addition, it is true that in the year 2016 there has been an increase of crime compared to the previous year (Reilly, 2016). Plus, another article seems to also accept the fact that. in 2015, there was a slight increase in the crime rates (MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN?, Nov. 2016)

Reilly, K. (2016). Violent Crime Rising in U.S. Cities Compared to 2015, Study Finds. Time, p.1. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN?. (2016). Reason, vol. 48 (Issue 6), p.8. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

3 years 2 months ago


3 years 8 months ago

Hi Jonathan,

While not an ethics course, this makes for a fine possibility for collaboration.

You might ask your students to comment on a post from my class and in the comment demonstrate an understanding of a theme you cover in your ethics class.

Each of your students can then apply course content in the form of  a comment associated with the contemporary issue a student in my classs wrote about, and my student can benefit from seeing an ethical angle to their post/issue of which they otherwise might not have been aware. 

Since my stduents are generally tasked with writing about contemporary issues that they believe indicate a part of the world that should be improved/changed, without elaborating their normative ethical positions, your students could be tasked with challenging and/or exposing such implicit positions.

Thanks for getting in touch!


3 years 9 months ago

You chose a really interesting topic who differs from the other topics posted on this website lately. A lot of people talk about Trump lately, but you took another choice and it was a good one. I never really knew much about humanism and it was interesting to know more about it.

I also feel many people don't really understand the purpose of Feminism anymore and I was happy to see someone chose and wrote about an article that understood what Feminism really meant. I am a feminist and a lot of people believe Feminism is about women being superior to men, because of the Radical Feminism. Women who promote Radical Feminism often make it in the big news instead of regular feminists since they have more controversial words. Feminism is not about being superior to men, but equal rights just like stated in your article.

I actually think a lot of women are feminist since it is natural for women to want to have equal rights, but because of today's complex about Feminism, some of us are too afraid to claim they are. I don't deny the existence of women who really don't promote equality.

I remember when someone recorded a feminist removing anti-feminism posters and the recorder was harassing the girl. The person recording was following the feminist, purposely trying to provoke her by saying feminism is cancer. This shows how many young people don't honestly understand what Feminism is about. In the end, the feminist recorded stayed calm and simply continued her task of removing the posters, not answering to the non-sense from the girl recording.

Your post helped me understand better what Humanism is and just like how people should try to understand Feminism better. It was a bit confusing at the beginning, I was not sure if Humanism was about men supremacy or not and if they did believe in god or not. I had to read a few times and the primary source as well to understand they do not promote men supremacy at all and honestly believe in scientific method. The confusing sentence was “Humanists are the type of people to criticize the ban against abortion because they view it as a form of beliefs that all non- religious people share [...]". Otherwise, it was great.

Link for the video:

3 years 10 months ago

Really interesting topic. I believe you should put your text in paragraphs and your links at the end or the beginning of your text.

I want to add that your source seems reliable, as you used another source to confirm it, but I believe you could have chosen a higher quality source, one that has more information. You could have also talked more about who wrote the article you summarized.It seems that there is no author when you look at the link you provided. No authors really makes the readers doubt about what is written in the article. The only reason it seems reliable is the other sources.

In the one I found, it adds many tweets from an individual spreading fake news about the shooter. The article focus on all the fake news about the mosque shooting, so perhaps it would have been interesting to look at this article as well.

The author is Dell Cameron,a well experienced author who investigated before about the FBI and is skilled to search the truth on Internet. His experience makes him reliable, you can read more about him on his social media page.

3 years 10 months ago

Really interesting topic. I believe you should put your text in paragraphs and your links at the end or the beginning of your text.

I want to add that your source seems reliable, as you used another source to confirm it, but I believe you could have chosen a higher quality source, one that has more information. You could have also talked more about who wrote the article you summarized.

In the one I found, it adds many tweets from an individual spreading fake news about the shooter. The article focus on all the fake news about the mosque shooting, so perhaps it would have been interesting to look at this article as well.

The author is Dell Cameron,a well experienced author who investigated before about the FBI and is skilled to search the truth on Internet. His experience makes him reliable, you can read more about him on his social media page.

3 years 10 months ago

Your news summary is well done. You didn't only use one source, but added another one to increase the reliability. It is not so long and certainly clear, you didn't go in too much unnecessary details.

I believe you could have added the original news source of Ryan's incident. It says he first lied to USA TODAY and it would have been interesting to quote their article about Ryan as well. I think it is reliable, since your article and other articles confirm the same information. Like I've previously said, it is also the original website that interviewed Ryan.

Their article has a slight different point of view from what really happened and also more information. According to USA TODAY, the police officer is the one who asked money to repair the damages to the property. The writer also added that Ryan will be suspended for 10 months. Otherwise, the news are the same.

I believe you should also provide a link to your sources.

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